Monday, November 9


Saturday morning, I went out the door with some sense of purpose... obtain running shoes.  I wouldn't be setting myself up to win at exercising if I went out in my clapped-out $27 shoes from 2008 Run Club.

I hate shopping for things other than beer and groceries.  Being around so many other people who seem to be doing it as some form of recreational rainy day activity makes me want to club a baby seal.

Anyways, after much consternation and jogging about in the aisles, I came home with these:

I was extra stoked that they were New Balance, because that's what The Pie wears... because... Made in USA/not sweat shop shoes.  The Pie thinks about this kinda stuff the way I think about bottom bracket standards.

I was always fond of ASICS Tiger myself, but whatever makes The Pie happy and happens to be on sale. Without turning this into a running/fitness blog, I ate too much and a half hour later, went for a run.  3.something miles in 24 minutes of sloshing tuna and macaroni and cheese.  Three to five times a week to keep off boredom and pounds, unless it's raining or cold or I'm tired.  So two to four times a week realistically.

I woke up Sunday to a surprise... other than terribly sore legs... which really weren't a surprise.  Rocky River Trail was open, despite the rain forest that Charlotte has been for the past seven, eight or nine days.  Certain people will mention that "Poston Park never closes," but whatever.  It's just a bit further than I want to drive (and other assorted excuses).

It wasn't easy getting out the door.  Trying to figure out what it is I wear when I ride at 50 something degrees.  Ignoring the rain that was on the radar.  Making sure all the sharp objects were out of my unattended 13 year old's reach.  Making sure all the fire making implements were out of my unattended 13 year old's reach.  Making sure the internet was out of my unattended 13 year old's reach.

I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with this place in the past.  It has some steep climbs that just kill me on a 32Xanything I'd run local, too short to walk, too long to not blow a kidney out my anus.  Some people actually like single speeding out there.  Not me.  But on gears?  Never tried it before.

It was, dare I say, pleasant.  I used that recently acquired 42T cog, many times in fact.  And hey, in other news of the obvious, the bike that was designed around a 100m fork with standard offset rides better with a 120mm fork with 51mm offset than it does with 150mm of travel at 51mm offset.  Whodathunk?

The pantie collection has been growing at the base of the Stairway to Heaven climb, which makes me wonder who's bringing these panties all the way out here, because this place is just too far from a high school for these to magically appear in the woods.

I finally made peace with Rocky River AKA Steve's Place. I thoroughly enjoyed keeping my kidneys on my inside and getting a dirt ride in on a weekend that I thought would be dirt-free.

And I'm still sore today, but it's raining.  Maybe I'll just run tomorrow.


Rob said...

Jogging is the devil. However, you can do it in 30-45 minutes from the house, and doing it regularly really helps the riding legs. And it really sucks.

Anonymous said...

I hate running, but when I did run back in my early teenage years (it was either take up running or running with a gang... I had a split in the road to choose from... I choose running.) I enjoyed it.
Now, I'm too fat to run. The sound of chocolate, crunchy bars, and pepsi makes an odd sloshing sound when I run.
I much prefer biking. The dog loves biking as well. The new gf hates everything, she says go do that stuff with the boys.... she's out.
So, its just me and the dog. Dog tries to catch birds and she just about caught a wild turkey yesterday. good eats coming my way, I can feel it!
A deer would be nice as well... one day.

Anyhow, I hate runnning now. Waiting for the snow to fly soon so winter riding on ice and snow... tres fun!

Mike P said...

Running...? Not even when chased. Pfft. After riding a mostly one speed weekend at Alafia w/ Freeman my desire for shifty bits is waining.

Rob said...

Fly pedals....delayed....again. Ha!

bp said...

"too long to not blow a kidney out my anus" - brilliant!