Tuesday, November 10


I spent a decent amount of time retreating all my GoreTex stuff, because if you didn't know, you have to.  Washing, drying, hanging... hoping.

Yesterday's ride to work?  I have sads.  I used this stuff, and I even followed directions.

I don't get it.  Supposedly, rain is supposed to just bead up on the coat, just like it did when it was new.  I think I've tried this stuff before, and I seem to recall equal disappoint.  Guess I'll just have to go seek out some Revivex from GoreTex (not available at REI, meh).

I didn't really notice the jacket so much on the way to work, as I was more disturbed by the noises emanating from my tarck bike.  Ominous.  Mysterious.  I don't even have a clue where such a sound could be originating from based on all the bike noises I'm used to hearing.

Rain.  Days and days and days of sitting out in it and being ridden through it.  Maybe my Dura Ace bottom bracket is just absolute toast.  It's already terribly indexed.  I just has it adjusted to "slight wiggle" to give the balls room to get over the notches.  Maybe it's dead.

Maybe not so maybe.


Chain was well worn beyond the replace line as well.  I guess those last couple of weeks in the rain sped up the aging process.  Gonna be riding a different bike until I can get Bottom Bracket Requisition Form turned in at work. White Industry or Phil Wood or some turdy Shimano cartridge?   I don't see English square taper Dura Ace 68X113 cup and cone bottom brackets out there anywhere.  Whatever I replace it with better get me fifteen more years.

Between my musty gear and stank saddle, my ailing bike cycle, and the woodpecker that's been turning the house siding into Swiss cheese as I try multiple methods of deterrence?  Arson is looking more and more like a viable solution to all my problems right now.


Anonymous said...

Shimano un55 is $20 and will last something like 90,000 miles. I've got one mated to DA 7400 cranks. But if you've got the funds for a PW, I'd go for that.

woodpecker deterrent said...

Never had woodpeckers; good luck with that. The speaker system from looks neat but pricey. Nothing like the sound of a Sharp-shinned Hawk to scare the $#!t out of those pesky peckers

Anonymous said...

I hate riding in the rain, damaging to bike parts now a days... things don't last as long as they used to...

yet, its worse in the winter. We have salt up north, yuk... it kills bikes dead.

actually I hate winter now, expensive it is and painful. I have frost bite in places where yah shouldn't have frost bite.

Doug Mayer said...

Shimano turds are pretty dang ok for the money. PW; meh. But the high watermark of high-km rando-nerd square taper BBs is the SKF, ATMO.

Anonymous said...

how much wood can wood peck peck.peck wood..peck!

Anonymous said...

Wish I new a fix for all this expensive breathable stuff that is only waterproof when new.