Wednesday, November 11

Stupid is as stupid sounds

Sticking with the theme of futility of the previous post, I thought I'd update my progress on the Ryan Leech 30 Day Wheelie Challenge.  I'm gonna have to admit, I'm not following along as instructed... yet.  I've read (sorta) through the first four posts that were pretty much introduction material and, for lack of a better word, "fluff."

Then I started (watching) the lessons.  Day One was just Preparation, and aside from the flat pedal problem not solving itself (any day now?), I'm good to go there.  Day Two was Front Wheel Lifts.  I already had that down to a science, being that's about as much as I can do already when it comes to wheelies.  Day Three was the Two Stroke Count, which is what it sounds like.  I can get two pedals strokes worth of wheelie 95% of the time, so yeah.  I still didn't leave the house and head over to my practice space yet.

Before I get verbally abused, I realize that the 15 minute practice sessions are more than likely a huge part of the process.  Mastering the skill, creating muscle memory... all that.  Of course, I'm full of reasons (excuses) as to why I haven't actually gone outside, and of course, Ryan has covered those bases.

I'm careful about what I share as far as the lessons go.  Don't wanna lose my membership by giving people key information for free.  I don't think that was oversharing tho.

Day Four was Brake it Down.  If there was anything I've ever learned about wheelies before these lessons, it was how to fail at being successful in a safe manner.  I can bring a wheelie to the ground with my back brake like nobody's business.

Day Five was Practice and Vision... so I found my starting point.  Admittedly, if I fail, it can be blamed on the skipping of the first four lessons, the fact that I'm not doing my part by committing to fifteen minutes a day, or my general lack of thoroughness.  Officially, Ryan is off the hook if I never master the wheelie.

I'm planning a hard start of this program over the Thanksgiving break, and it looks like I'll need to "borrow" the pedals off The Pie's trainer.  Four days off in a row will give me plenty of time to start a good habit... and then maybe, just maybe, I'll commit to fifteen minutes a day.  Shit, I haven't even checked my practice area to see that it isn't pock marked with gopher holes, which may prove hazardous in the dark.

Keep in mind, I'm a 46 year old, married dad.  It's one thing to tell my family that I need to disappear into my bike room and work on something, head out the door and go for a run to stay healthy, or attend a Faster Mustache team meeting...

but to tell them that I need to get my wheelie practice in, because I'm a 46 year old man and my one and only goal at the present moment is to learn how to ride around with my front wheel off the ground?

It truly is as stupid as it sounds.


Anonymous said...

We have faith in you.

Anonymous said...

May Jesus put his hand upon your shoulder son and guide you around the gopher holes

AdamB said...

Until they see you riding around with your front wheel aloft...

Anonymous said...

I just want to learn to ride my bike, backwards... goal - to do 160km (100 miler) backwards... with no hands. On a unicycle.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that there is a side benefit. TSE wheelie contest? TdB skills that will impress?? 20 strokes for 20 years!

Guess WHo!