Monday, November 16

Let my Cameron go.

Friday night was The Spoke Easy Anniversary Party.  I would say it was a success, as I remember most of it.  I only have this to show for the whole night though.

I did finally figure out that not only is it cheaper to drink 24oz PBRs as opposed to crafty IPAs all night, you can actually find your way home unassisted later when you ghost out of the party.

I didn't wake up feeling too sparky the next day.  I ignored the FaceMessage from Bill Nye about going for a ride at 11:00.  I'm sure we probably loosely agreed to it the night before, but I have a clause in my contract that states that anything I say after my third beer is not legally binding in any way.

I couldn't ignore his second message though.  Pretty sure he saw that I was "virtually active."  It was already too late to drive to Bill Nye's place, get in his car and be in the parking lot at Lake Norman to meet Wirun and Ann on time.  It was not too late to scramble and be socially acceptable late tho.

For review, at 9:48AM, I was this:

By 10:07, I was all this:

And somehow, as late as we were, we managed to be the first ones there.

It was fate.  As the others arrived and bike-cycling garmentry was donned, Brian and Madonna rolled into the parking lot.  And then we were six.

A pleasant ride of 31 miles at a pace that didn't require sweating, but probably fast enough to burn off my breakfast of Cheezits, Gatorade, banana, fudge brownie and chocolate doughnut (I was forced to adapt).

Sunday started with adult time.  Leaf mulching, gutter cleansing... the glamorous things in life.  Then all the bikes got a little bit of love with the addressing of dirty parts, soiled/ignored drive trains, and such things.  Once finished, I headed out for wheelie practice.  Not so much adult time at all.

This was my first real practice since last year.  Yeah, I'm starting with Day 6/Lesson 11... and I might have had a couple beers while I was washing my bikes impacting my wheelitude. 


No flat pedals yet, but trail running shoes and SPD are just gonna be it for now.  My chosen practice area appears to be free of gopher holes and has quite an appropriate incline for starting out.  I practiced for close to a half hour, and I see why Ryan recommends only fifteen minutes a day.   So easy to get a little frustrated after riding around like a moron in a lumpy field of grass trying to learn something a six year old can do.

I actually experienced a few moments where I was in the "sweet spot," and got in five pedal strokes more than once.   More importantly, I never ended up on my ass or smashed my nuts.

So, success.  No idea when I'll get out again... because... excuses.

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ashwinearl said...

I got to day 15 and lost steam. I need to go back and restart and be more diligent about consistent practice. There have been glimpses of success and there is no doubt that I can wheelie more now than in my lifetime. I like how he teaches all the components necessary to put together a wheelie. Of course the hard part is putting it together.

I've found even the smallest details to impact my ability. One click change on fork rebound changes front wheel loft. An Ardent on the back is harder for me than a High Roller. The Ardent is a taller tire with rounder profile and I feel more tippy with it. Placement of my index finger on the rear brake lever changes how smoothly I can feather the rear brake. Milimeters of change are noticeable. I found sometimes that bad boy braking with the middle finger doesn't let me pull the brakes all the way which actually helps enable lighter feathering.