Tuesday, November 17

Moon River

This morning, I'm going to my "annual" wellness exam, "annual" meaning every six years?  Has it been that long?

Yeth, yeth it has.  So not so much annual and slightly closer to bi-decade.

The last time I went to one of these, I had to deal with my slightly anemic blood values, start eating differently, and take supplements.  A few months of eating meat later, I was on the right track... aside from my elevated cholesterol.

I was never one to have an easy time finding balance.

I've basically been guilt tripped into going by The Pie.  I've been meaning to get back to it, but... excuses.

It will be entirely interesting to see where my blood values are at when they come in the mail.  Otherwise, I feel like a healthy person, aside from all the aches and pains that I assume are just part of being a 46 year old, semi-active human.  Those don't matter anyways, because if you want to discuss anything that's actually wrong with you, well that's another appointment, not your wellness exam, because... America.

So looking forward to getting jabbed in the arm and a little bit of this:


AdamB said...

Mooooooon Riverrrrrr...
Hope you didn't get Fletched

Anonymous said...

I'm not letting anyone touch my nits like that.. I don't do doctors... the least yah know about that sort of stuff, the better off yah are.
live every day like you'll die tomorrow is my motto.