Friday, November 20

Pile of Chet

It's been one of those weeks.

I started feeling ill on Monday.  Then I had to ride home with a 25lb+ desktop on my back after work.  That felt slightly unpleasant.  On Tuesday, I was actually busy at work.  Lots of riding and breathing and hacking.

Thus begins the banishment to the couch for my sleeps until I stop coughing myself awake all night long.

It's a good thing I didn't allow myself to get too stoked on this weekend's events, the Cranksgiving Weekend or the Ride and Seek MTB Adventure Race at the USNWC.  I'm doing my best to put as little effort into life outside of work and commuting until I get better.   This means that I haven't ran since Sunday... which probably would have happened anyways.  I pushed myself too hard (again), and now my ankles are stiff and angry.  This whole "running" thing.  I'm off to a terrible start this time around.  I expected as much tho.

So, I'm a mixed bag of fruit going into the weekend.  I've been really wanting to get to Pisgah something awful.  I'm not sure it's the smartest decision to make.  The new Spencer Branch is calling my name.  I'm also anxious to see a certain neighborhood/greenway/parking lot/clearing connection that is pretty key to a smooth Tour duh Charlotte this coming March.

And then there's wheelie practice, running, being a normal human... all things on my list.  With the upcoming four day weekend, you'd think I'd be able to calm down and just wait on a few items on my to-do list.

But that's not me.  All the things and now is better.  And I got this to do the day after Thanksgiving, which may or may not ruin three of those four days:

Something something dumb involving beer and chainless/brakeless bikes and probably handcuffs.  Run Bike Slam.  Presented by Faster Mustache.  Because... that's what we do, I guess.

And by "probably," I mean "definitely."

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