Friday, December 11

Homework Assignment

If you're a fan of Western North Carolina's extensive trail network, this is your required reading for the day:


Time to nip this in the bud before the powers that be and those who would love to see mountain bikes no longer welcome in the Pisgah make the world a shitty place.  The comment/input process is an arduous endeavor, but no more than clearing the first five levels of Candy Crush (I don't really know what that means).

I'll be pounding my keyboard this weekend in that general direction... after I head west and do some riding myself... because weather... and burritos.  It will give me something to do in between coughing jags.

Oh yeah, also of importance... I'm now able to go to Cyclocross Nationals in January (for specatation purposes only).  If I was trying to make plans with you earlier, let's try that again.

One more thing.

Whatever you thought you were gonna do on March 19th, scratch it... unless you were planning on doing the Tour duh Charlotte. Then still do that.*

* Yeth, I copy/pasted the same thing I posted on FaceBook.  When you capture perfection in words, you don't mess with it.


Dicky's Better Half said...

I'll give you sumpin' to do between coughing jags. -The Pie

Anonymous said...

hubba hubba! is that dirty type?
now I don't have to go that other site I sometimes look at.