Thursday, December 10

Merry Holibeers

I just wanted to put this out there...

On December 22nd, it's time to join the Faster Mustache crew on our annual exploration of Charlotte neighborhoods to view the bright lights and get into the holiday buzz.

Ride leaves the shop at 7:00pm! Stop by early and crack a cold one with our Bike Source buddies. Free pre-ride beers provided by PBR!

The route will be social pace and end back at the Park Road Shopping Center. From there, everyone is welcome to head over to Sir Ed's with us for food and beers.

BTW: Help local children stay warm this season by bringing new or gently used coats for Steve's Coats for Kids benefiting the Crisis Assistance Ministry. FREE Swiftwick socks to the first 15 people who donate! Adult coats will also be accepted since they get cold too.

A coat for a pair of socks?  Sounds strange?  Unbalanced?  Unfair?

Don't bring the coat you just bought that looks oh-so good with your yoga pants.  Bring your old letterman jacket or the one hiding in the back of your closet that you only wear once a year to ironic '80s parties.  Something you're not using all that much that would make a world of difference to a person who doesn't even have a closet.

So yeah, bring a coat (not necessary, just nice), get there early'esque, grab a beer, get a pair of Swiftwicks (quantities limited), ride around, and then drink more beer and stuff your face at Sir Ed's.  This is pretty much how the Founding Fathers used to celebrate the holidays when they weren't busy shooting their guns off into the air!*

*please don't bring guns


Anonymous said...

Advocat sez: Rich - What's the date???

dicky said...

Fixed it all up with links and dates and such.