Tuesday, December 8


Many, many months ago, The Pie told me she wanted to do a marathon.

"Can you watch Nia for me on the weekend of... something somethingth?"

She has always made it possible for me to pursue my stupidity, so I don't like to stand in her way whenever she's got a thing to do.   January somethingth... sounds like a time of year that I don't do anything, so of course I agreed.

And then, a week ago... I looked at the calendar.

It's the same weekend as US Cyclocross Nationals.  Something I'd been planning on going to every since they said it was going to be in Asheville.  Ever since they announced a date.  Ever since there was an ever.

So, I screwed up.  The Pie is considering taking Nia with her, but a promise is a promise.  I will do my duty and skip the stupidity of standing around in a grassy field, drinking beer, and yelling at people for two days straight if that's what happens.  My bad.

I'm trying to do better with my planning going forward.

The things on the left hand side.  They are most definite.  Spring break with the family in a warmer, somewhat mountain bike friendly area.  The 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, PMBAR, and Trans-Sylvania Epic.  All must do.  Beyond that?

The right hand side.

So many possibles and too many of them huge time-eaters.  The 20th Annual Tour de Burg, Breck Epic, Mancation 2016, Watts Vancation 2016.5... I can't do all, but I can do some.

I have no idea how I will decide what to do, but I'm guessing it will come down to coin flips, Magic 8 Ball, and peer pressure.  More than likely, just peer pressure tho.

That and my paralyzing inability to plan things that involve some logistical organization.  Vacations are 100% more difficult to plan than a stage race.  Hell, all I have to do to participate in the Tour de Burg is stop at an ATM on the way to Harrisburg, take out $200, part with it when I get there, and then ride my bike until I'm near death.   That's so much easier than looking at rental cars, flights, hotels, shuttle services, route choices... yet to be visited mecca selection.

Or maybe I just postpone this planning thing until I can come up with a planning plan.


Anonymous said...


there, the peer pressure has started.


Anonymous said...

You could always act homeless on a bike for a few days prior to SSusa. But then I guess we'd have to listen to you digress about acting homeless on a bike and the hypocrisy within.......just drive there.

Anonymous said...

bring your daughter to the cx national, less the beer of course...
you're lucky man, my ex would never in a million years allow me to do that, she's a complete btch.
let your wife race and take the young one with you to the cx race plus a mini vacation with your daughter, problem solved. Less the beer of course...
(lots of time for beer time when the kids aren't around eh..)

its an opportunity not a detrimental thing.

what I would give to spend some good quality time with my 2 kids on vacation at a bike race.