Monday, December 28

I don't hate everything and everybody

Painy rib and shoulder parts means I'm stepping back from arduous things for a bit.  I've carried a decent amount of weight on my shoulder over the past few weeks at work, and things should be slowing down at the start of the new year.  I want to back off on pressing physical things until I feel 100% (for a 46yr old).  No more adult calisthenics for awhile... despite the fact that I finally got around to creating a decent place to do sit ups without kneeing myself in the face.

I'd been planning on doing something like this for months now, but the install process involved a car jack, a corded drill, a leftover towel rack, salvaged hardware, old ESI grips.  When the whole thing only had a 50% chance of success according to my best estimates, it was super difficult to get started.

I did get out for a shortish, not too technically challenging mountain ride with Bill Nye on Saturday... because... 70°+.

 So hot, right then.

 Evidence of some serious rainfall recently.  Nifty.


 Hot enough outside to do that on the way up Spencer Branch.

 And to do that later.

 And this.

I finally got a chance to stop at the Sierra Nevada Brewery on the way home.  As we were walking in, I told Bill Nye that I feel like I had a real hand in financing this place.

"You're going to hate it," he replied.

He was basically right. I love our small Charlotte breweries. There's so many of them that they have a quaint neighborhood feel to them.  Some more than others, but the grittier the better for me.

That's not my picture.   I didn't even think to take one. I'm pretty sure the Sierra Nevada Compound can be seen from space though.

The "brewery" felt like it was part of a Disney World attraction.  A tourist trap through and through, complete with people lined up ten deep at the bar waiting for a beer, souvenirs, kitsch menu items (Mason jar salad, tiny hamburgers with artisanal bacon)... I get why some people would be into that, but it's not my thing.  I don't get the appeal.

But I do like their beer.  A go-to in the Dillen household.  I guess I'm still sorta buying locally and thinking globally.  Sorta.  No matter what, it's more than likely a decision of economics when I'm selecting my beverages.  I don't know why local brewers don't offer twelve packs, because... money... and dolphins.

Regardless of my horrible, jaded opinion, it's amazing that this is the house that beer built.


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

happy new year dicky.
rest up and get healthy...


MTBike Jockey said...

Do lots of riding and zero stretching "like myself" and your hamstrings will get so tight that you'll never have to be concerned about kneeing yourself in the face again because it's physically impossible for the two to come together.