Thursday, December 24

No Mas

I guess I was supposed to do a Christmas related post.  Rain, warm temps, closed trails.

Feels nothing like Christmas.

I would say that the Faster Mustache Christmas Lights Cruise was a success the other night.

 photo cred: Joey
We collected a decent amount of outerwear for Steve's Coats for Kids...

and managed to have a good time, the only person hitting a tree being me.  I'm expendable, so no big deal.

A big thanks to Bike Source for giving us a place to hang out before the ride, Swiftwick for providing the socks for our "socks for coats trade-off,"  PBR for all the pre-ride liquids, and Sir Ed's for accommodating our group once we were done light-peeping.

Being an up and coming senior citizen, I'm looking forward to a few days without alarms (other than the blind, diabetic dog howling to be released from his crate).  A possible ride in the mountains.  Watching my family play Scrabble (unless they let me play this time).

Merry Christmas and all that to those that it matters to and happy time off to those who don't care and my condolences to those that have to go to work to serve our shitty "needs" during these times of joy.

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AdamB said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus for the restofus! Big hugs to you and your family and critters, big and small, sighted and blind, and ...