Friday, January 22

Blow me...a kiss before you leave me

I was kind of looking forward to the challenge of going to work today, but Charlotte is closed for business.  28° and freezing rain would have been great conditions for making memories and also some HTFU training for this next week:

Things I know:

I'm leaving work early on Friday and headed west.

I'll have a terrible headache Sunday morning.

Things I don't know:

If I'm racing XC.

If I'm racing the night downhill.

If I'm just standing around yelling at people in order to stay warm.

It's too good of a time to not make the drive.  No matter how badly I've wrecked myself in the past, I always have at least one good memory from every weekend I've spent there.

Quite possibly the first ever Icycle Ditch Fight circa 2007.

Join me at Fontana Village... because the chance of you getting in a ditch fight if you stay home are 0%.

Something else that recently got pushed out like an unwanted guest at a party...

The 2016 Watts Fappening II: C'mon Get Fappy.   Details?

"Just when you thought there couldn't be a bigger waste of time than last year's Watts Fappening, this shows up and BOOM...

You are wrong.

Join us at the Sugar Creek Brewery at one minute after noon to literally crawl our way up through the very bowels of Southend Charlotte, cycling our way up the light rail happy trail, stopping at brewery after brewery making bad decisions the entire way. We're going to end up somewhere near The Spoke Easy... or maybe the Cold Sprints at Snug Harbor (brought to you by The Spoke Easy, so same diff). Who really knows how close we can get to anything close to goals and such after last year's Steve Austin-like crash landing in NoDa?

Bring a bike, a lock, lots of money for beer, a liver (preferably borrowed), a helmet... a transponder? I dunno. We're all adults here. Figure it out.

If last year is any indicator, this is one event you will absolutely regret doing."

I wrote all that, so I'm not sure why I put it in quotes.

It's as pointless as it sounds.  Riding around, spending way too much money on beer, and celebrating all things Watts.

This reminds me of a time way back in 1989, when The Pie and I were coworkers at Youngstown State University.  My roommates and I were throwing a party.  I invited everyone from work.  The Pie wanted to know what we were doing at the party.

"We got a keg."

"No food?  No games?  Just beer?"

"Ummmm.... it's a party?"

She ended up coming over early and bringing streamers and a piñata.  The next morning, the carpets were stained with beer-soaked streamer dye and there were half-chewed pieces of candy stuck to things everywhere,

She did come over the next day to help clean up tho.  It might have been the day of our first kiss, which would make sense, because she started dating someone else after that.


Anonymous said...

This is a good example of why I read your blog.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

This was nice work...