Monday, January 25

Isn't she... pretty in pink?

A "snow day" happened on Friday.  As if I needed another day to pace around the house.

I was going to wait until my new Paragon Machine Works SS slider showed up, but boredom and a lack of better things to do was the impetus to make the swap early.  More about the "gears thing" tomorrow.

I even took the time to look up the Fibonacci Rules of Chainline Measuring for a dead-on setup.

Yeth, 32X21.  It will be miserable everywhere except r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w Pisgah rides and wheelie practice, but wheelies are the priority... despite my lack of practice in over a week.  Not looking like I'll have much time in the next couple weeks either.  Since I had nothing better to do, I also put on new cable and housing to my Thomson drooper.  I had cut it too short when I was doing actuation lever swap months ago and was too paralyzed by anger to do anything about it. 

That did not eat up enough of a day.  Organize drawers of chaos all over the place.

Random Industry Nine, Cane Creek, and Thomson drooper parts.  Glitter.  Pike air shaft.  One Good Ear buds.  A bunch of shit tossed haphazardly into a drawer now less so.  Didn't kill enough time tho, so now my socks are sorted according to kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.  My t-shirt and shorts piles may have also seen some sorting and stacking. 

I need an indoor hobby.

Saturday, there were two party options at two different bike shops.  There was a "surprise" party for Watts at Revolution Cycles in Greensboro, but snow and a lack of desire to use a four wheeled vehicle to get anywhere kept me from considering going Northish.  I'll be Fappening with him next month anyways.

There was also a much more local option that sounded better because I wouldn't have to drive.  The Bike Source Fan Jam from 4:00-8:00PM was a thousand times more doable.  I needed to get over there anyways because I decided to replace my 15+ year old SIDI Storms that fell apart with a new pair of winter shoes.  FaceBook was kind enough to remind me that the last time I was able to use my Storms before the soles just fell off from old age was a year ago at the 2015 Icycle.

The ride over to the shop was borderline stupid enough.  Slush on the neighborhood roads, rivers on the main thoroughfares, sidewalks covered in sastrugi.  I was too dumb to put on my Ass Saver fender and suffered a severe case of winter swamp butt.

Beer, pizza, friends who all needed a reason to escape the house.  Beer is a reason.

People came and went.  Some headed out for a night ride, but I'd had enough saddle time and still planned on riding home eventually.  At some point, I pulled out my phone to see if The Pie had replied to an earlier text, and I saw that someone tagged me in a photo on Instagram.

It took a second for this to register.  When it did.  Meh.

I couldn't figure out if I was sad because I took all that time the day before getting my bike together and perfecting my chainline, or happy because I found my bike before I wanted to go home and could remember the order of the spacers because I just assembled them 36 hours ago.

At least they gave me something to do.  The dozens of greasy finger prints were a nice touch.  Thanks to Colin for the ride home, saving me from all manner of black ice, slush butt, and other winter night road riding issues.


Anonymous said...

At least they didn't make you scavenger hunt for your parts.

Anonymous said...

get a sht load of snow?

dicky said...

not a sht load, no.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure everybody involved in your bike mayhem is supposed to line up so you can kick them in the genitalia. That'd even things up.

Aaron said...

Please arrange your I-9 bearing drawer by torch and non-torch please......thanks the GIANT.

sperho said...

Nice. You know you're loved when they /tease you/ (<---apparently strikethrough tags aren't allowed in blogspot comments, so imagine a line through those two words) completely disassemble your bike while you're enjoying a few beers with friends...

p.s. I was reading some old posts of yours from 2012 during the death days. Glad your blog didn't die - only bl-osers are dead, apparently.