Friday, February 5

Haps and Faps

Just a quick reminder, because things are coming...

Two weeks until Watts Fappening II: C'mon Get Fappy 2016.

Basically the same as before, but different.  We'll start at the Sugar Creek Brewery around 1:00PM'ish and work our way north, going from brewery to brewery until we end up at The Spoke Easy or their event The Cold Sprints at Snug Harbor (depending on how long it takes for us to ride less than ten miles and drink eight or so pints).

It was "fun" the last time.

That shouldn't change.

Also, we are almost a month out from the 2016 Tour duh Charlotte.

"A Mountain Bike Stage Race and Urban Trail Adventure around Charlotte, NC.

Join us March 19th for a day on the bike you will never forget. We will ride as a group on a 30-ish-mile "Party Pace" route around Charlotte. The route will feature urban paths, dirt roads, and even single-track trail. We'll stop along the way at 4 locations, called "Stages" where we will have a mini race. Some races will be Cyclocross style, some Cross-Country MTB, and maybe even a Fat-Tire Road Criterium. The Tour de Charlotte will be a showcase of in-town Charlotte trails, paths, and commuter routes.

I think this is the fourth year that Faster Mustache will be putting on the event.   Beer, food, way too many prizes for an event that only costs $35.  This is a can't-miss event.  CAN'T.  MISS.

One last thing. 

If you want to look like your favorite local racer boys, the 2016 Faster Mustache kits are on sale now and for the next week.

Charlotte and Atlanta kits are available, and I highly encourage you to buy a sleeveless Charlotte jersey...

for my own selfish reasons.  Gotta hit the minimums to get the order filled, or else I'm gonna have to spend two hours with some scissors, a needle, and some thread bringing justice to a short sleeve fashion travesty.


Anonymous said...

you ship to canada?

dicky said...

It's a webstore set up by the manufacturer. You can choose "ship to" and there are country options.

That leads me to believe that the answer is yes. I'd contact Safetti if you want to feel safe and happy before you order tho.