Friday, February 12

Maybe I'll try again in March

Not much to say going into this weekend.  As much as I want excite, gonna be cold.  Like... "meh "cold.

Not too cold to ride, but definitely cold enough to put a damper on things.  That temperature I never got around to getting good gloves for riding more than an hour or so in.  Last week was such a good jump start on the whole fitness thing with 70+ miles of mixed-use riding.   Hate to follow it up with... nothing.

The Pie's trainer sits there in her office.


Not that desperate yet.

Waiting on packages.  Three?  Four?  Just stuff.  Woulda been a good weekend to fondle things and daydream.

Helping with the Tour de Charlotte lately and having my mind run wild with anticipation.   The Faster Mustache crew has had three years in a row of making this event a can't-miss.  New stuff every time.  The bar is raised every time.  What other event does that?  Don't tax your brain.  The answer is "none."

One other event update.  I moved the start of The Watts Fappening II: C'mon Get Fappy back to 1:01PM next Saturday.  Why?

I've been reminded that some people like to "eat" before they spend the rest of the day deleting their memories.  I am a fair and just "event promoter," and I understand people have "needs."  I also understand that when you're going to spend the day drinking beer, it doesn't really matter if you start at noon or 1:00.  It's still a dumb way to spend the day.

I took the time to update the FacePage with an agenda of sort for those that are looking to hookup with us en route. Figure on us moving from brewery to brewery at a rate of one per 35-45 minutes. Once again, when Watts finishes his beer and puts on his helmet, we'll be rolling shortly after.

This is what he looks like without a helmet:

This is what he looks like with a helmet:

If you can pick up on the subtle difference, you should be able to follow along.  If not, you know where we're going next and it's probably less than five minutes from where we just were.

Good luck.

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