Wednesday, February 10

I'll never know how Predator Theater would have ended

Ken Klatte, AKA Kenpuke on MTBR, AKA The Ghost of Jerry Reed, AKA Bloggy, AKA the Hawley Blog passed away.

An intelligent, young, talented, young, creative, young genius who meant so much to so many.  I'd only met and chatted with him IRL a few times.  I read the Hawley blog religiously.  His wordsmithery eclipsed all others.  He could say more with a hundred words and a little photoshop than anybody else could with a million words... and ten of his words would have been "Huzzah."

He was just too young to leave so soon.  There's a hole in the world today.

There's not much to say other than that.

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Anonymous said...

"our beloved ole’ bloggy has been in a hell of a battle with cancer over the past 3 years"

sad... I know way way more people dying of cancer now than any other disease out there...

God Bless all those suffering with it.