Tuesday, February 9


I mentioned this on FaceBook yesterday, but just wanted to share an opportunity for my fellow "athletes" to represent a product that I truly believe has changed things for me (and The (running) Pie) for the better.  Elevated Legs has decided to take on some brand ambassadors.

I've talked about Elevated Legs before, but why not repeat myself?.  As I get older (and older and older and older), recovery is getting more and more difficult to come by.  Partly because I'm lazy.  Partly because I have a lot of bad habits.

Mostly those things.

I take one (or two?) supplements during the actual "season," but nothing seems to reduce the wear and tear on my legs like some squeezy leg bagging.  The fact that I can passively sit there and reap the benefits is a huge plus for me.  I don't want to lay with my legs up against the wall, buy seven bags of ice and sit in a giant human slushy for a half hour, or pay for an almost daily massage (although the benefits of massage are incredible... but require getting up and doing it).

All the details are provided over there, but before you count yourself out because you haven't seen a podium in awhile (or ever)...

"How fast or strong you are will come second to how awesome you are. We want fun, positive and engaged athletes that we think could really use our help and who we think truly want to represent our brand."

I should mention that if you're an endurance racer in the single speed class at any event I might attend, these are probably not for you.  For my own reasons.  Because I need to preserve what little remaining (and dwindling) edge I have left.

photo cred: Icon Media Asheville
Otherwise, if you're a personable, social media savvy, outgoing athlete in ANY sport where recovery is key (disc golfers and bowlers need not apply), get in on this.  Now.

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