Tuesday, February 16

Shitty Chip-Flopper

The other thing screwing me up on my ride on Saturday?

I'm a moron.

When I got ready for the Icycle race, I removed the Maxxis Chronicle 3.0 front tire.  It doesn't handle peanut butter mud very well, so I went back to the tried and true Maxxis Ardent 2.4... but I sorta forgot something.

When I run the Chronicle, I flop the ENve crabon frok Flip Chips from 44mm offset to 52mm to quicken up the handling with the taller tire.  I kinda thought about this while I was doing the tire swap for Icycle, but I kinda didn't think enough.  I left it as is... because... lazy... maybe beer.

The Icycle XC doesn't have a whole lotta twisting and turning.  The muddy conditions kinda changed things too.   It probably did raise its ugly head during the downhill race, but I never did a full speed run until my timed run.  Which was TRBL.

Anyways, looking back into the past, I see I already tried the 52mm and didn't like it.  Makes total sense, being that the bike wasn't even designed for it.

The OG crabon frok was a Niner (470mm w/45 offset), so anyways....

Time to flip that chip again.   Bring things back to copesthetic A.O.K.

I've never figured out a good way to remove the ships from the frok until this weekend.  They're in there pretty tight, and there's not much purchase to bang, pinch or grab them.  So here's a tip, just in case you're dumb enough to mess with a good thing.

Shove a fat rag into the chip from the inner-facing side of the ship.  It doesn't have to be a dirty rag, but it can be if you like dirty.


Yeah, it was that easy.  Wish I woulda figured that out a few Flip Chip flops ago.

And now, with things back to the way they were meant to be and a desire to get my trail time back to normal, this weekend is the WATTS FAPPENING II: C'mon Get Fappy.

It starts too early (mebbe) to get a decent ride in that morning before it starts (without risking being late to our own party again), and I doubt I'll be up for riding (or living) the next day.  Perhaps we back up that start time... again.

I'd be willing to bet (just $1 tho) I'll even have all the necessary parts to begin my 27.5+ experiment this weekend.  Not based on any recent updates.  Just the fact that I'd have a bunch of long-awaited parts at a time when I have absolutely no time to play on them. 

Because that's how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I know that Enve fork is nice and all but, from a purely aesthetic stand point, a Niner fork would look soooo much more pimp on your bike. The Niner just has better lines than that fat/bulbous looking Enve.

dicky said...

It took awhile for the bulbous look to grow on me.