Wednesday, March 16

I don't need my dog.

Facebook reminded me of an anniversary the other day.

I've had the Stickel for four years. Amazing.

That made me reflect a bit on my current bikes. I've had the Misfit for five years, and the Vertigo (Meatplow V.7) for two.

In that same period (or so), so many bikes have come and gone. Santa Cruz Tallboy, Scott Genius, Kestrel road bike, Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, Fairdale coaster brake townie... is that it? I think so.

My personal myopic world of bike cycling is terribly inbred. I told Fat Cyclist in a podcast interview the other night (it will drop soon'ish) that the sad part about "industry" trade shows like Interbike or the Taipei International Cycle Show is that there is very little new stuff coming out in the world of single speeding, especially rigid single speeding.  My ability to stay interested in any topic regarding gears or full suspension is waning at a fascinating rate.  I used to want to keep up with things, just in case I wanted to dabble, but the pointlessness of the whole endeavor is more apparent than ever.  I can't even click on a link over on Pink Bike to read about a new slopestyle bike, let alone peruse the minutia regarding the improvements on this year's Trek Madone over last year's (lighter you say?) on Bike Radar.  If I'm reading anything at all like that, it's only so I can make fun of it on FaceBook.

I assume at some point, I'll come full circle on all this.  I'll get too old to ride the kinds of bikes that are nearest and dearest to me (as evidenced by the keepers VS the one night stands).  Gears and full suspension might become necessary.  A road bike might be the only way I can keep the pedals turning and stave off death by boredom.

But until then... yeah.

The quest for the perfect single speed goes on.  Until it breaks me.  Which it might.

Maybe when they make a Garmin that isn't the size of an iPad Mini but lasts fifteen hours, makes the data simple enough to understand that a toddler can explain it to me, and is as easy to operate as an Atari 2600 joystick.

That and the Thomson Bluetooth™ drooper.

And that's all I need.


Chris said...

Wow. I can't believe I've been reading this blog for 5+ years.
I remember the Misfit introduction.

Anonymous said...

I like that Stickel, its rad... like it!

we need more "old style" rides... they keep building crap... I can't believe people are buying those new electronic shifters - crap at its best. I've been developing military grade products for some time. Unless you reach that level of achievement in electronic grade parts don't bother. Stick to simple stuff like 9 speed shifters, anything above that the tolerance is getting tight. With that comes thinning down of metal thus shit doesn't last.
Same with aluminum and carbon, the fatique limits suck on those metals - having worked for large military firms like Lockheed, I chatted with a lot of engineers on metals. Ti is the best there is and next up is steal. Its real.
Yet, we are social engineered to believe the shit being sold now a days is lasting stuff... yah right, when companies can't put on a good warranty on their stuff worry... its junk.
put a pro cyclist on a bike and the mindless fools will buy the stuff, yah but the pro cyclist only rides on it maybe 20 times then they trade the ride in.... doesn't put the stress and strain on it as most riders do riding every day...
bikes have to take a lot of abuse if yah ride them. None of this cheap chinese shit that doesn't last... that stuff just makes some big corporation a lot of dough and leaves yah broke and busted some place.

the bike industry is a shameful industry marketing too fools cause most of the stuff out there now a days is complete sht... doesn't last. Its made for those that cycle just a few days a week with their fine white skirt on... not made for hard core mountain men that actually use their rides.... I like riding it hard. Sht has to last...