Friday, March 18

Prepare to lunch

Tomorrow is the big day.  The 4th Annual Tour duh Charlotte is a go.

There are already over 100 registered riders, so it's going to be a heck of a party.  Preregistration is closed, but you can still show up with cash and pay $45/35 to race/party pace (you snoozed, you losed).  We (Faster Mustache: CLT) were up well past my adult bed time Wednesday night dotting the lower case j's and crossing the Euro 7's in order to make sure that we are making great bike race party times.

Stoke levels are high.  Will it be the best Tour duh Charlotte ever?  Who knows.  I guarantee it will be the best one since last year's event.  How about that?

Assuming life gets back to normal, maybe I'll get back on Monday with all the details.  I'm looking forward the tedium of normalcy after the event, so I can get a little more focused on riding and such... and with a family vacation on the near horizon, much excite about all that.

That first endurance race of the "season" is right around the corner.  6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  Guess I better start looking for that fitness.  I think I left it in here somewhere...

It's probably right under my cat piss stained collection of TV Guides next to the crates of dead nine volt batteries.

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Anonymous said...

when did you take the photo of my house.


P.S. don't touch my TV Guides