Saturday, March 26

Tell me where to go

Wrote this Saturday morning in a hotel lobby while drinking terrible coffee that I somehow made worse by accidentally adding a vanilla creamer. Shitty coffee because despite going to bed after midnight last night, my body still said it was time to get up at 6:00AM. It's so cool being old. Anyways, posting it from my phone on a Monday, so I can get some input while I'm out of the office.

Looking for trip suggestions.  I'm considering SSUSA up in PA, despite my feels towards Allegrippis.  I'll have a car, so I can drive to some other trails in the area that have rocks and other obstacles that make mountain biking fun for me.  The "tribe" will be there, and that's nice. I like (most) single speeders, and I've somehow never made it to even just one SSUSA.  I know.

The last week in August.  Bill Nye has some vacation time.  I like Bill Nye more than most other humans.

He likes the same movies, rides bikes, has an affinity towards shitty mustaches, is pretty quick to throw out Archer quotes, and drinks beer.  Class A human right there.

So, where to go at the end of August?

We're thinking somewhere that one can fly into, or at least get a shuttle from a nearby airport.  All the riding can be done from camp (or a hotel), or at least be accessed VIA local shuttles.

Renting a car that can accommodate two bike boxes and two bikes blows donkey in the wallet... so whatever we do can't be that.

Considering Durango. I miss Matt McFee of Hermosa Tours... a little.

We only saw a little bit of what's there last time on our Ride, Drink, Drive Mancation of 2014. Downside being that I'd probably need to fly with my bike and most definitely would have to fly home with it, because a few days after I get back... Shenandoah Mountain 100.

Who signed me up for that?

Without input, we just might end up in Moab if we head West.  Because... Moab.  It doesn't necessarily suck, and Bill Nye has only seen The Whole Enchilada , Amasa Back, and some of Captain Ahab.  The last two were done on a hangover day (Ride, Drink, Drive had its disadvantages), so not really the best experience.  Don't tell us that it will be hot in Moab (again).  We're from Charlotte, land of heat, humidity and a stifled desire to accept other human beings as equals.

Maybe just drive in a northerly direction?  Virginia, West Virginia... somewhere? I haven't really explored West Virginia in years. I know a lot of happy people in the Mountain Dew state, and even some not so happy people like Andy Forron, owner of New River Bikes... seen here trying to be the first to ever amateur homeless person to Cuba.

Sure would simplify matters a bit, assuming I don't go blind drinking moonshine.

Or just juke slightly west?  A nice town with a buttload of riding and places to drink beer without a whole lotta driving.

I'm trying to not be picky, but in the end, I really am.  So what?  It's my life (still gotta get that tattoo).

So go ahead and shoot with your suggestions. Realize that I will select one and ignore the others. Don't take it personally. It's not you. It's Bill Nye.


Anonymous said...

If you go to see "the tribe" in Aug I would love to host/guide some fun in Michaux. Many daze of riding there and fun, mostly tolerable people as well.


Rob said...

I heard some guys are going to SSUSA via WV, so that would be both great riding and SSUSA checked off...

Anonymous said...

Kingdom Trails!

Shredder said...

Always heard that Arkansas has some sweet trails, and one of these years I'll make it out there. Why don't you go and let us know how it is?

Ben Welnak said...

Here's a thought people prob won't bring up - the high country of Colorado is cool and all - so are their mountains..

Fly into Minneapolis for cheap and rent a car and you're within driving distance of a ton. 2.5 hours to Chequamegon CAMBA trails where there is like 100 miles of singletrack, Duluth has some 70 miles of singletrack, Copper Harbor is within easy drive, Marquette as well. There are some other great spots in between. It's not at elevation so you won't be blown to bits and many of the trails (not Duluth because they're all new and have prescribed more toward the flowy is fun model) have good bits of rocks and "old school" trail. For the most part, you'll be able to find cheap everything and you can't beat Midwest nice.

Chris said...

I keep wanting to go to Mulberry Gap for an extended weekend, but then I go to the Pisgah instead. I mean, I know it's no Moab, but someone else cooks for you and you can get a shuttle, plus no flying bike boxes. And then you can summarize the trip and influence whether I actually go there, or just drive to Brevard.

Anonymous said...

Steamboat or Crested Butte if I had to pick a spot last week of August

Ryan said...

Hey, you should totally do WV, cause I live here...and I think someone should share in the misery.

On second thought, WV has similar terrain to NC, and i try to live vicariously through reading your go to Colorado. I've always wanted to go there.

Aaron London said...

Davis WV! Great riding, beer, plus the north fork trail is right there.

Rob said...
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Anonymous said...

If you're considering Moab, look at St. George as well. Often overlooked but I like it better than Moab. Gooseberry is not far either. That's a must do ride.