Friday, March 25

Off to see Florida, Man

Heading out on a road trip to Florida after work today.  Yeth, I'll be missing the grand opening of The Hub and Pisgah Tavern.

Obviously, I am disappoint.  The chance to ride with Neko and show him my incomplete set of wheelie skills?  Live screen printing?  I don't even know what that means, but maybe they'll live stream the live printing so I can see it.  Dunno.  I won't be there.  You should be.

It will be a good time.  Perhaps the greatest.

Anyways, Florida.  Should be meeting up with Joe again, just like last year.  Despite the fact that I won't be there until Saturday, he's already waiting for me at the restaurant.

I told him not to wait for me, but he said he's not touching his bowl of dis po fük noodles until I get there.

Hoping to ride Boyette and Alafalafilia (sp?) this time around.  There will most certainly be a lot of photos of us riding on wooden structures and on tiny swamp ridge lines, because that's what you do in Florida.

There's even a chance that I might hook up with Watts while I'm down there... which makes sense.  Because why wouldn't my PMBAR partner who lives just a couple hours away in Greensboro only ride with me once in Floridaland before the big day?

Isn't he the coolest?

I know,  He's not.

I did realize that I will be the only single speeder on the ride without tattoos.  How have I gotten away with riding single speeds since late 2003 AND NOT GOTTEN A TATTOO?

And I don't mean something like that tramp stamp Dahn Pahrs has.  I mean a real single speeder tattoo.  Like a dragon, a tiger, dice, a single speed cog... something I'll be proud of years later.

It really is my life.  So true.

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