Thursday, March 24

As long as someone got strangled...

Just because I mentioned the dropping of shoes the other day, the Eagle is in the barn (or some other phrase).

I can't figure out why it's not all over the "industry" insider douchebag media, but I'm sure it will be soon. (edit: the embargo was until 9:00AM Central this morning.  I guess someone jumped the gun a little)

Like it or not, it's here. Glad I figured out my nonplussed feels regarding gears (again) before I had the opportunity to purchase this.

I feel like I'm between two cool pillows in a happy dark room.

Regular post tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

you need this ride

hey man, a couple of years back you posted a video on carbon fiber... it was like a rock video, still have that video? (carbon fiber seat posts or something like that... made me laugh my head off... funny it was)