Monday, May 16


The Bike Source Fan Jam was a great time (again).   I had all sorts of grown up things to do Saturday morning with The Pie, enough so that I actually took a nap when we got home.  Mostly because... pollen.  My allergies are kicking right now, and sleep is becoming some sort of battleground.

Arising from my nap feeling better but not best, I roll out to ride Park Road Park by myself before the jamming.  I feel like butt, partially because of my sinuses, but mostly because I'm stupid hungry. I stop at 7 Eleven on the way to the shop and have too long of a discussion with the clerk about the fact that I do indeed want the two slices of pizza, do not want the fountain drink that comes with it, do not want the slices of pizza in one box or two but just in some wax paper... and leave with two slices in two boxes that are thrown away a few feet from the door.

Anyways... get to Source, amble around, touch things, chat and out the door to the Backyard Trails with about ten or so Fans.

We have at least two flat clinics, which is nice.  Because... humidity.

Enjoying the moisture and poison ivy and admiring dingle balls on the trail.

photo cred: Bryan D.
Back at the shop, beers... get to hear the full story about the one rider who fell all the way into the stanky creek on our way out (which I forget but Chase will tell me the story again on Sunday).  Finish the keg, head over to Legion Brewing... Donald B with empty keg on an e-bike... because that's why they exist.

At the brewery and hanging out.  A few beers in, word comes through the ether that a smiling face that many people in the endurance mountain bike world consider a friend is no longer with us.  The bottom falls out.  I finish my beer, ride home crying, come in the door with a straight face, tell The Pie what's up, finish with the rest of the crying.  There are things I will never understand.

Sunday.  Follow through with the plan to go to the mountains.  Wake up to my alarm at 6:30AM and consider sending a text out.  Fuck this.

Not one to let people down, I get out of bed.  All I want to do is sleep the day away.

Scoop up Chase, Bill Nye and Wirun as I make my way across town, get to Wilson's Creek, hook up with Pitts, and he takes us to places we've never been before.

An incredible day in the woods with friends.

Visitor Center Tom's chip FTW.

photo cred: Wirun

As pathetic and small as it may sound, and realizing that my family and friends are enough to live for on the daily, coming down a trail like Sinkhole at the end of the day, exhausted and ready to stuff my face with Mexican food, I know that if I can still have the chance to do it again, I want to live.  It beats the other option, hands down.

And to end on the driest of notes, this is how you get that fourth bike and person in a Honda Fit with a three bike hitch mounted rack:

That and playing some Tetris with passengers and their baggage.


Anonymous said...

How does that car do in the mountains with four people and for bikes do the brakes work and doesn't have enough power to do with the hills

dicky said...

I'm not dead yet.

It gets up Route 181 just fine towards the Parkway just fine.