Friday, May 13

Plans are for planners

For what it's worth, this weekend...

I'm gonna be at the Bike Source Fan Jam.  Yeth, last time I went to this same event, my bike was taken apart into tiny bits while I was trying to help them get rid of all the extra beer.

but they did give me access to tools so I could rebuild my transportation home, so not so bad.  Like attending a class at United Bicycle Institute... but not.

I'll be bringing a lock this time.  Maybe a knife.

I have some time to kill earlier in the day, so I thought I might ride around and kill my legs ambling about on the Plusser Stickle.  Find something to eat.  Something else to drink.  Something also else to drink.  No good reason.  Just looking for some Zone 1 riding (coasting and skitching off cars).  Just a recovery day, because as I understand it, the only way to have fun in Zone 1 is to ride towards beer.

Sunday, I hope to ride in the mountains.  Maybe too much riding this weekend and not enough not riding, but the sun is shining... so making great hay.  Time to find that fitness I left around here somewhere... before next weekend.  Assuming I do something next weekend.  Which I should.  Do something.

And just a reminder, there's still a few weeks left to get in on the Industry Nine hub raffle to benefit the PA Interscholastic Cycling League.  All the details were/are here (if you want to read them), but you can just go here for the quick synopsis and just DONATE.

I'm beating Justin Lindine in fundraising, but I'd really like to pummel him.  TIA

Because pummeling each other is what charity is about.


Jonathan Stuhlman said...

go to wilsons. you know you want to.

Shredder said...

How about a column one of these weeks coming up about prep for TSE? I'm doing it for the first time (first stage race actually) and would love to know what to expect, what to bring, etc.