Tuesday, November 8

Faster Mustache Team and Also Others Retreat '16

What can I say about three days in the woods with friends at the Faster Mustache Team and Also Others Retreat?

Being without internet connection is freeing and absolutely wonderful.  My phone was nothing more than a navigational instrument, and that's about it for almost three full days.  The outside world stopped mattering for awhile, and my reintroduction into normal society (work, big buildings, internet, election BS, a house with a hole in it) is as rough as ever.

The good stuff.

After a long drive, Bill Nye and I joined Timmy, Nik, Courtney and Lee, and we got in a short ride on Friday afternoon.  Some of the Pinhotis.

After our return, more and more people continued to trickle in as the day progressed.  Beers were drank and hot tubs were fouled.

Saturday was a day filled with aspirations and gorgeous weather.

photo cred: Charlotte Cadieux
I planned a longer route for the more ambitious riders... but not too long... or so I thought.

I only looked at the mileage and how to put this trail with that one and so forth.  Not so much the elevation or terrain, just how I though things made sense on a two dimensional map.

Somehow we managed to bank between 6,200 to 6,500 feet of elevation on a ride that was no longer than 25 miles.


Anyways, more beer and then the further devastation of a hot tub into the evening.  Bath robes and conversations and laughter until someone mentioned what time it was and beds were sought after.

Sunday.  A short ride to justify our place in the world at the moment before heading back to Charlotte.  A jaunt just long enough to feel sorta human again.

I'd like to mention how incredible Mulberry Gap is.  I brought so much stuff that I totally didn't need.  The food was plentiful and incredible, the amenities were above expectations and the nearby trails enough to fill a long weekend.  We managed to keep the ride to non-ride fun ratio perfectly balanced for three days, and I slept like a giant, snoring baby Sunday night.

Not much more to say.  I'm going to do what I can to slowly re-immerse myself back into the normal world.  Bear with me.

All the following images are from Nik Fedele

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