Thursday, November 10

Feeling droopy.

I got my Wolf Tooth ReMote working hunky dory this week.

Oh, did I not mention I was having issues?

I was.  Sorta.

I replaced the stock Thomson drooper housing with shifter housing when installing the Wolf Tooth Remote.  Because I couldn't find any way to purchase new stock Thomson housing.  Which (years ago) I was told was not bicycle shifter nor brake housing, but something closer to housing used for motorcycles.

Anyways, I contacted Thomson regarding my inability to get my righteous hands on some proper bike noodling and the reply was to use standard bicycle shifter or brake housing.  Okay.  Fine.

I ended up using shifter housing.  Because it was svelte.  Because I had loads of it in a drawer.  Because I had some sweet black ferrules.

And then I had tons of issues with friction.  The lever was terribly hard to push.  Crunchy.

I had many sads.

I pulled the old stock Thomson housing out of the garbage (I ask The Pie to never empty it, as I think of all things in there on probationary garbage status), but was reluctant to use it.  The outer plastic coating had worn off, and the exposed metal inner bits were doing a number on my head tube, despite any and all manners of adhesive protection I stuck to it.

So I dug deep into my drawers and found some brake housing.  Where did this come from?  Some bygone relic of my cantilever days?  A gift of thanks from a squatting gypsy?  Who knows?

Anyways, cut to the same length and use the old silver ferrules that came stock with the Thomson drooper... after spending at least ten minutes on my hands and knees looking for one because I wasn't paying attention and flung it flippantly across the room.

The brake housing seemed to deal with the bends and compression from the zip ties about a million times better.  Lever action is now smooth.  Much less sads.

I still feel like the ReMote IS-II compatibru mount needs to have a little more adjustment left and right.  I can't get quite the same leverage on the lever with my Lilliputian thunb as I could with the Specialized lever, but the action is smooth enough to make up for it...I guess.

So there you have it.  A very dry post about a tiny bike part.

Sorry, but I can neither toss out some personal political rhetoric nor some sing-song cheer about how the sun is still shining and everything will be okay just go ride your bike and hug a puppy.

I don't say those kinds of things, because... burrito.

Yeth, I dipped the purposeless cable end in metallic pink paint. 


Anonymous said...

Your state, along with FL and PA, fucked the whole country, and all you can talk about is dropper housing?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I think that qualifies as a Lamentation. As does this (for those keeping score).