Tuesday, December 27


Yeah.  Three day holiday weekend.  No way my toe is going to the mountains. 

But I can chut around the Queen City.  All I want.  More so.


I have to admit, after last year's Tour duh Charlotte, I had zero interest in being a part of putting on another one.  Enough so, that I felt that I'd rather leave the team than do it again.  Not because I had that big of a part in making in happen.  Just a combination of my own personal anal compulsion and a certain amount of neurosis.


a relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, hypochondria) but not a radical loss of touch with reality.  

My loss of touch with reality was far from "radical."  Mine own problems with the outside world and where I fit into it.

But then a few of the Charlotte FM guys and I went down to Georgia to do the Faster Mustache/Loose Nuts: Wheels to the Farm Race last month, which is sorta the same same as TdC.  We had a great time and spent way too much time drinking beer afterwards and after-glowing.

"We could totally do another Tour duh Charlotte."


"It would be super easy and rad and mega omni-everything."


So, armed with drunken enthusiasm and nothing better to do, I went out on three rides about town looking at loads of chut-thrus, trail systems, questionable neighborhoods, and what have you trying to piece together a route that I sorta came up with using the space camera robots and googles.

Two days of riding alone and feeling like I was doing something followed by a day of riding with others and feeling like I was doing something close to nothing but different than the day before.

Trail score.  Really.

There was first the rumor that TdC would not happen in '17. I may have helped proliferate such a rumor. Then came the whisper of a TdC Lite™.  Slightly down-scaled.  Simplified.  Less is more kinda thing.

After pre-riding a fair dinkum portion of what could be, I would say that you could go ahead and drop the Lite™.

Assuming the few hurdles between the event happening or not get jumped over, it's gonna be tits.

Can I still say that? 

I mean saying the event will be "balls" doesn't really indicate a positive or a negative direction at all.

How about "elbows and asses," since we will be going around one to get to the other?  At least we're not going to the mouth in between, which would be weird.  Wrong even.

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