Tuesday, January 10


So this is all I got for the 2017 "season" (so far):

PMBAR... of course.  Haven't missed it since 2004.  If there's one race I will never miss, it's PMBAR.  Registration opens on the one event YOU MUST DO on the 13th of this month.  DON'T NOT DO IT.

The Trans-Sylvania Epic.  I've done this race every year that it's taken place since 2010.  It's addictive, like crack.  Without the unfortunate side effects associated with crack... just with its own list of side effects such as bumps, bruises, contusions, hang overs, and post-race week sads.  Still one of the best 5-7 days on a bike I've ever had time after time.

So, yeth.  Nothing solid in between those two, and nothing before May that I know of.  I'm probably skipping Warrior Creek for my own reasons (didn't register, sold-out now), and I've got a family Spring Break trip to Florida (near trails) to figure out in April before I can think "me thoughts."

Dirt Rag Dirt Fest in mid-July... yeth, not putting Tour de Burg on there until I have a "coming to Dog" talk with myself.  I've wanted to Dirt Festivate ever since they started doing them up in PA, but they were always the week before TSE, and in the same part of the world... 9-10 hours away.  Seemed like a lot of back to back to back driving.  So wanted to go, especially when I actually wrote for Dirt Rag.  Figured I'd have VIP access to the moonshine or something.  Mebbe an entourage?  This one is in West Gotdam Virginia, so natch, it's a must.  I ain't ridden some WV much in the last decade or so.  So.  Much.  Excite.

There may or may not be a conflict between Dirt Fest and Single Speed USA in Bellingham, WA.  Even if they're not on the same date, I don't know if I want to back-to-back them.  Flying with my bike, wanting to have enough time to really enjoy the benefits of silver tubing my way through the sky across the entire country, being old to tolerate things...

Went from "nah, Bellingham," to "why not Bellingham?" to "dammit, Bellingham!"

And then Breck Epic.  Again.  It seems like it's becoming an every other year thing for me.  It's not that it's not worth doing every year.  Just that it is a bit more logistics and such.  There's a decent crew coming from Charlotte, some yinzers from PA, and a bunch of back-homers from OH.  I am very excite.  Two of my favorite all-time descents, the most incredibly scenic place high up above the world (assuming the USA is the world), just somewhere so special to my heart.

And that's it?

Dunno.  I still have 2016 up on the sidebar, and you can see that I did a fair amount more last year.  I hope to get some new events in there (like I did at the latter part of the year), so I gotta leave some holes here and there to make room.  If not totally new, perhaps something I haven't done in awhile.

I can only think about the future in spits and spurts now.  Too much compulsing is bad for my spleen.


Anonymous said...

What favorite descents?

Anonymous said...

YOu forgot Michaux.......again.

dicky said...

Off the back of Wheeler and the Colorado Trail on day... two? I think. The one with the two insane hike-a-bikes leading to it.

Michaux... such a long drive. It pushes the limits of what I'll travel for that length of an event. I know it's a hard 50, but still a 50.

Rob said...

Is there another board for "build up full suspension bike, then sell" and "build up road/cx bike, then sell"?

AdamB said...

"dammit, Bellingham!"
Dammit, Dicky! Ya gotta fly out here in the silver tube. I've already made up the daybed with clean sheets. Rocket, Baylee, QC and Chun Li are all looking forward to finally meeting the bikecycling, blergging and animal loving legend. You wouldn't let them down, now would ya??

dicky said...

I sent the "build up full suspension bike, then sell" and "build up road/cx bike, then sell" whiteboard to the cleaners... ummm... for cleaning.

I haven't written it off yet, but if some other silver tube trip works out better at a time of the year that isn't so scrunched... dunno.

Anonymous said...

MIchaux loops are not 50miles. They only feel like it.

Anonymous said...

Nicey icy today for the b-day loop. You missed a good one. We were roosting fairy dust!!