Wednesday, January 25

Keep you napkin handy

Sorry.  Didn't mean to be so quiet.  Instead of epic rides in the Pisgah to regale you with, I've been more focused on the Tour duh Charlotte but even way more focused on being nice to my toe/foot thing.  The Pie RN diagnosed it as something with an acronym... puffy, shiny, nerve-damage, sensitive to cold/heat, ouchy yet numb.  Can't remember.  Best thing I'm doing right now is taking it (sorta) easy and some very half-assed physical therapy that I might have invented (basically bending my recalcitrant toe by hand).  It's better than it was but still not behaving in a toe-like manner.

Other reasons for being quiet?

Work has been busy and somehow life as well.  Also, it's hard to not be distracted by what's going on in the world.  The information is coming fast and furious.  It's too much and all at once.  I don't wanna bother spewing my opinion here on anything political right now tho. That's not why you come here to this blerhg.  I am the distraction.  Your e-squirel running through your front yard.

The whole damn thing is killing the social medias for me right now, which is trbl.  It's sort of ironic that something like FaceBook could reduce the back and forth chatter on specific forums like MTBR, and then as everything/everybody spilled over into social media instead of the nice, tidy forums we had, the fun and specific shared interests became watered down by the very platforms we'd been given.  I came to interact with my peers about common interests, and now I have to scroll past post after post linking to biased "sources" (leaning both ways, mind you).  It's exhausting sifting through  it, not to mention, at the rate things are being shaken up here in the good old US of A, up-to-the-minute breakdowns are just dragging me into a dismal place.

Striving to stay something above ignorant, closer to awareness, and further away from playing every news item I read into an Armageddon scenario in my head.

The lobes in my brain dedicated to weighing the pros and cons of owning a noodle bar droopy bike and comparative widths of crabon fibres rims are being deprived of oxygen.  Meh.

Toilet tacos.

The world is becoming toilet tacos.  We're all about to find out how wieners feel about hot sauce real quick-like.*

*Spoiler alert: They don't like it.


Big E said...

I am feeling the very same about the book of faces. I can't say I'm surprised to see so many people jumping the FB ship. The problem is I don't see another ship anywhere on the horizon. *sigh* I just want to play with my digital friends, compare witty anecdotes, and look at funny animal videos without being beaten about the head and shoulders with everyone's fake news opinions. Is that to much to ask? Me thinks yeth.

Anonymous said...

GENE!!!!! He can bring back the sampling keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Flexor hallucis Longus
Extensor hallucis Longus
Look deep into those. Might find something?


Ari said...

G O D I cannot handle all the garbage on the facebooks. Somebody save the world and shut it down. If it wasn't my duty to do postings for the shop I work at I would be a fb goner. Thanks for writing the blogs Dicky.