Monday, January 23


Strange snowflake weekend. Weather forecast gave me a dry window to ride on Saturday morning.  Suit up and leave.  Headed... sorta where I'd been riding the past couple months.  Near the '17 Tour duh Charlotte route and some other places.  For some reason, I've been enjoying riding very much the wrong bike for what I'm doing.   A thirty+ mile ride leaves me feeling as wasted as if I'd gone out solo for fifty+ on a noodle bar bike.  If I think I remember what that feels like.

I ride through uptown and witness the Women's March.  Amazing how big it is.  Not really tho.

Find myself at Renni eventually.  See Eastwood and we chat about the NICA thing I've been doing on the Internet and the FaceBookings.   See Good Guy Gregg and Big n' Buttery doing trail work.  Head out on the short track (the main trail was closed), hit one of the alternate jumps, still feel meh about how it works, go back and provide "feedback," end up back in the woods with tools and positive intentions.

We fix it sorta... poorly.  I hit it and almost go ass over tea kettle.   We commence with the fixing of it again.

photo cred: Brian Bradley
Molar better.  Not perfect but not trbl.  I look at the radar... rain's coming. I head towards home, the long way tho.

Drizzle to pouring to steady and everything in between on the way home.  I don't remember a ride anything like that in January.  Warm enough to not really mind being soaked through on my lower half.

Next day, wake up expecting an all day rain.  Canceled.  Plans to not go the the short track were swapped with plans to go ASAP and fortunately The Pie had bought a mixed six pack the day before with some travel beers in and amongst the bottles.

Since everyone had been discouraged by the forecast and thought it would be pissing rain all day, the beers were few and far between... being that there's no alcohol purchases before noon on Sunday, if you don't plan ahead, you go without or miss the meat of the action waiting for the stores to loosen up the reigns.

Yell at people and perhaps regret not entering the SS action, but there are four more weekends, and I gotta pre-reg to save those $5 you know.

Because $5 is a lot of money?  Dunno.  Just an excuse, I guess.


pearl said...

thanks for making the heckle area special this first race.

- the singlespeed scalpel guy

dicky said...


Anonymous said...

Are you wearing pants!?

dicky said...

Cut-off Mountain Khaki commuter pants with knee warmers. It's a thing.