Thursday, February 2

Floored Plan

I posted my 2017 "SEASON" (SO FAR) on the sidebar the other day.

Pathetic, I know.

Obviously, doing PMBAR. Never won't not do it.  Then I get all wishy washy until the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  Again, don't see myself missing this one either.  Must do.  An "epic bike event you probably don't know about" according to Bicycling Magazine (a bike magazine you probably don't know about).  Probably.

And then nothing until Dirt Rag Dirt Fest up in West Virginia. No racing.  Just some fine WV singletrack and beer and good times and friends.  Gotta say I am super stoked to finally go to a Dirt Fest.

And then Breck Epic because my heart longs for the high country.  Clean air.  Cable TV and a hot tub.  Beet juice.  Farted-up dance floors.

The only other thing is the South Central Mancation '17.  Bill Nye and mebbe Watts headed slightly in the westerly direction to visit... some things.  I can't remember all of the hot spots we were thinking about, but Tennessee and Arkansas for sure.  Mebbe Alabama?   Pretty vague, but there's some places that are just a drive away that I ain't seen yet.  IMBA Epic places.  Bell Ride Center places.  Coldwater,  Bentonville, Knoxville, Ouachita...  Tsali.

Kidding about that last one.

We've got plenty of time to figure it all out, but we have dates and that's half the plan.  Or at least half a half.

I can recall a time when I used to over-plan/over-commit, but that doesn't allow for much spontaneity, and if there's one thing I've been really planning on doing this year, it's being more spontaneous... on a regular basis, of course.

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