Monday, February 6

Head in a Hole

These days are dragging and flying by, am I right?

So much thinking about the Tour duh Charlotte and the makings of great bike race for others.

As a team, we are so much more ahead of the game than we've ever been at this point.  Our trail work day on Saturday was filled with much buenos.  The clearing of old trail, the building of new, the addition of spectator-friendly stuntings.

I am much excite.  I rode home from our day's labors under blue skies with lopper handles protruding out of my pack, whacking me in the head, happier than a pig in shit.

Still, I have the lead role of running one of the stages, and I found myself once again wide awake staring at the ceiling consumed with thoughts of course tape and directions and volunteers and lap counting and starts and finishes.  The "what if?" and "what could be?"

We're taking your fun very seriously.

I've been happy that I've had this diversion for the past couple months.   Rides have had some sense of purpose, and I've probably banked more miles from November through early February than... mebbe ever?  The last time my bike went on a rack and was driven to a trail was back in late November.  As much as I "hate" road riding, I certainly love rides that start and end at my house (and sometimes have beer in the middle).  Having something to obsess over also keeps me from thinking about buying a new bike (that I don't want or need) or also about how we're all going to die.

Later this week, I should have another Gore Bike Wear infomercial.  I've had the chance to use one piece of gear that I was sure I wouldn't like and/or need that I'm not planning on sending back.   I also got "salesmanned" into making an unplanned purchase at Bike Source that I don't think I'm going to regret, so maybe I share that with the class this week as well.

If you haven't registered for the Tour duh Charlotte yet, you should.  You will not be disappoint.

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