Thursday, March 16

Earth below us

Tour duh Charlotte go time.

Too much to do from now until it's over and done with Saturday night.  So looking forward to the event.  Kinda ready to get it over with.  I wonder what I'm going to be staring up at the ceiling and thinking about this Sunday night.  No more details to sweat.  Good times all behind us.  Nothing to anally compulse over for quite awhile.

Mebbe I could spend some time refining my morning processes and get my seven minute breakfast down to a six minute breakfast.  I know they say it can't be done, but they were able to fake a moon landing and no one thought that would ever be possible back in 1825A.D.

As soon as I can get through the very potential fog that I intend to create this weekend, I will post up my Tour duh Charlotte experience, which is never as good as the one people participating have, but I think that's how it's supposed to work.

Should be close to two hundred shining happy people holding hands on Saturday morning.   Seems like a fuck ton to me.


Anonymous said...

Weather says 80% chance of rain in the morning and showers intermittently throughout the afternoon. Will the race be postponed if weather is crappy? Or are we riding in the rain, which will require a lot more drinking?

dicky said...


Also, I think the Weather Channel is a conspiracy. Show people some rain for the coming weekend, and watch everyone keep clicking every hour for days and days.

69° and light rain has never killed anyone.

Anonymous said...

What is more, a fuck ton or an ass ton? Also can you create a chart for what air pressure to run for every type of tire made?

Anonymous said...

Sorry have to miss this event AGAIN. Need to get a different weekend than/for SORBA's bi-annual meeting.

Sounds like a f---/s--- ton of fun to me!


OkieBrian said...

Hope your event went good today and you are many beers into celebration. Coming from someone that has organized and promoted race number seven of the Oklahoma Tour De Dirt State Championship Series five times. The first year, I could have sworn the approximately 200 hundred racers were 1000 and each must had driven three cars to the event. Hated doing it, but after all was said and done at the end of the day, the high from meeting all the great people and pulling it off without any major problems.....lasted for days.