Wednesday, March 29

Saying goodbye.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to Sizemore.

This is the little guy who came into our lives three and a half years ago.

He was the victim of a very sad hoarding situation.  When they walked into the place, there were dogs in all states of poor health and some dead. Sizemore was stuck to the couch in his own excrement. They peeled him off the cushion and considered putting him down as he was only nine pounds and too weak to even stand up.

Instead, they called The Pie RN.  No one thought he'd live a day.  He did... and then some.

She nursed him back to life.  Lifting his head to let him drink. Carrying him out to the yard and holding him up to let him do his outside business.  Hand feeding him... something she almost had to do almost daily until the very end, as his horrible experience left him with some strange mental baggage.

Three and a half years.  It was never supposed to be that long.  Teeth extractions.  Tumor removal.  One eye taken out.  Then the other.

He just kept living.

I really loved that dog.  Daddy Baby.

I'll just end with what The Pie put out on social media and leave it at that.  She's better at this anyways.

"Please consider making a donation to the Humane Society of Charlotte in Sizemore's memory so that his legacy can live on in the form of care for other animals.


Being able to care for you for the last 3.5 years of your life was an absolute privilege. Watching you relearn to walk after what seemed like insurmountable odds was truly inspirational. Your softhearted kindness toward tiny foster kittens and bottle feeding foster puppies was an example of love in its purest form. Thank you for relearning to trust humans after your extreme abuse and neglect. I have no regrets in opening my heart and home to you- even if the sadness now is painful.The Dillen Family will continue to foster animals in need in your honor. We will look for ways to help the most senior, sickly and seemingly unadoptable cases in your memory.

Because you have taught us life isn't measured by how long you last but by the quality you bring to what time you have....."

I edited this post at 9:13AM because people are coming here to read about Sizemore and what they can do to help the Humane Society of Charlotte.  Here's what I had to say about yesterday's post that was at the beginning and now at the end:

FWIW: I removed all the comments from yesterday's post, mostly because there were many personal attacks on another person in there.  I've said it before.  Want to do that shit?  Take it elsewhere.

Make fun of me all you want.  Fine.  Have a personal problem with someone you've probably never met and make comments you'd probably never say to their face?  Not here.

And if you can explain to me how a company taking a poke at a certain demographic of potential consumers is good for business and promoting inclusiveness in cycling, tell me the next time you see me out IRL.


fatlip11 said...

I don't know you personally, but I've been reading this funny little blog for years. All I can say is I am so sorry for your loss.
Much RESPECT to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

Awesome man, your a hero

Anonymous said...

MUCH LOVE MAN....I'm Sorry for the loss of such a beautiful soul!

Anonymous said...

favorite blog post ever.

Anonymous said...

You folks are saints.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss and thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on da trails., Mitch

Natalia said...

RIP Sizemore. Sorry about your dog Rich, you gave him a good life. I've buried two dogs in the past few years, I'm pretty sure I buried two pieces of my heart with them.

AdamB said...

Sending huge, plus-sized condolences for the loss of your special little man. I am certain that what you and the Pie (and Nia) gave him these past 3.5 years more than made up for the rough years prior. Thanks for sharing these more personal snippets and allowing us to get to know Sizemore a little bit. Sending big hugs to you, the Pie and Nia.
I am going to dry my face off now...

jacobtubbs said...

I don't know what to say except: I'm sorry, and thank you. Thinking about this breaks my heart, but I am so incredibly thankful to you two for taking Sizemore in and giving a chance to experience love, affection, and a real home. It's a brave and noble thing, and inspires me to want to do more for animals. May Sizemore's memory live forever and inspire others like it inspires me. Rest in peace, pup, and thank you, Dicky.

S Sprague said...

Dicky, I am so saddened to read Sizemore's passing. You and your family gave him a reason to live. Just seeing him in your posts and on book of Faces always made my day that much better. Much respect to you and The Pie.
RIP Sizemore!

sperho said...

Sad to hear, Rich. The world is better that the Dillen's are in it. Foster on...

Pete Jaros said...

Great work by you and your family.