Thursday, April 27

Gore Part Four: The Gorening

I received a shipment of Gore Bike Wear last week (warning: expect Gorefomercials in the coming weeks as I get around to using this stuff). Unlike last time, when I was asked a bunch of questions and then sent what they thought I'd like and then I didn't like most of it for one nitpicky reason or another, this went down differently.

"Tell me what you want.  What you really, really want."

"I'll tell you what I want.  What I really, really want."

There was room on the form for four items.  Since I understand how google docs work, I added a fifth line.

Mostly because a majority of the items I was requesting were not $400 rain jackets.  A bit more basic were my needs.

But I'll start with the one that I thought was a long shot (because I was asking for more things than I should).

Let me preface this by saying that months ago, this was shipped to my house:

A sweet $500 jacket that has all the bells and whistles... sent to my house.

My old house.

By the time we figured it out, there wasn't much that could be done.  Most of the Pro Jackets had been allocated to real "industry" insider media douchebags for reviews, so I was shit outta luck.

Well, that jacket was more than I really wanted anyways.  I'd been eyeballing the ONE GORE-TEX® ACTIVE BIKE JACKET ever since they announced the Shake Dry™ technology.

In a nutshell, the Gore-Tex membrane is on the outside instead of under a layer of DWR coated fabric... like this:

If you have the laminated kind, you know (or at least you should) that you need to maintain the DWR by washing and drying as directed and retreating as needed.  This coat won't need all that.  It's as simple as it gets... like me.

I already have the Gore Rescue WS AS jacket (Which got a pretty positive review here), and that jacket is going to be saved for more mountain bike adventuring and urban tomfoolery.  What with its  hood and very packable size, it's much buenos for those activities.  I wanted this new coat for work and commuting... and it came just in time for some proper testing.

I got three days in a row playing with my new toy this week.  One day of greenway junk mile collecting, three commutes, and two days of riding around the city delivering hardware and footballs.

Fanny pack commuter life.  Gore Bike Wear shants, tiny hat, socks, and knee warmers not included with purchase of coat.

What can I say?  It fits very well and kept me drier than the West Texas wind... but I kinda expected that.  It's got a sweet chest pocket for my phone/pocket computer and it doubles as its own stuff sack.

Which doesn't require "stuffing."  There was ample space in there, and the actual size of the bundle is quite a bit smaller.

I think all jackets, vests, and rain shorts/pants should pack into a pocket.  It makes too much sense.

If this was all I got as a Gore Ambassador, I'd be okay with that.  I can't say that I've been the most conscientious launderer of my other Gore-Tex items, so it's nice to know I won't be able to screw this one up... too much.

The outer finish is described as an "advanced matt black look," which is somewhere between normal black and the Chesters' workout suits from Christmas Vacation.

Which is a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it.  It is different and not "just black," but at least it will stand out in a pile of all black gear (if you have the same problem that I do when you travel and pack like a rat).


rick is! said...

why only black and why so few reflective accents? a reflective strip along the tail, on the cuffs and maybe something on the chest could still look good and keep you from becoming road kill. if this were mtb specific, i'd understand but not for a road jacket.

dicky said...

Pretty sure the color is determined by the fact that since the actual outside of the jacket is Gore Tex membrane, that's the color that Gore Tex is naturally.

As far as the reflective piping, this is the info on the Gore site:

"Reflective print on sides

Reflective logo on front and back

Reflective transfers for higher visibility and safety"

So, plenty of reflecting going on. Gore isn't bashful with those logos.

Anonymous said...

If I send you a $20 Froggtogg jacket can you compare them?

Denise said...

What was the bicycle filmer's inspiration? He posted it namelessly so it can't have been for the distinction. Is it safe to say that he was considering web income? Perhaps, however, the waiting camera look on the guilty parties, in addition to the reality, you can hear him reprimanding them on occasion, proposes it was all the more an ethical campaign. Which is fine. I get chafed with awful cycling as well as it gives whatever is left of us a terrible name.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! Sounds like Denise is in the market for a $300 bubble wrap jicky jacket!

Anonymous said...

pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

Mike said...

rick is! said...

thanks Dickster. i'll give 'er another look.