Friday, April 28

What verb tense issues?


Up at 3:47AM so I can blerhg and shower (because I got home too late last night to do so) and out the door for The Spoke Easy ride to Bike Source to meet up with the Ride With the Mayor of Bike Town to the Annual Ride to Breakfast With the Mayor.

It makes sense, I assure you.

Yesterday, I had a post-work window to play on bikes while The Pie went to yoga.  My plan was to double up with a ride in the morning before work.  Well, none of that panned out as I'd originally thought.

Our foster dog that is recovering from hip surgery woke up with a pin sticking out of her repaired leg.  Suffice it to say, this changes things.  I end up having to drive Nia to school (in a car, who does that?) and then back home to drive The Pie and Cajun to the vet before pulling my bike out of the trunk and then riding in a round about manner to get to work.

The chances of rain were looking to crush my dreams of a post-work brewery ride.  I decide instead that I will ride 14 miles out to Belmont.  Rain or shine.  Destinations (no matter how silly they are) tend to motivate me.  Mills and South Main Cycles were putting on a Thursday night ride and demo, and even if it got rained out, there's always beers at Station to look forward to if I end up getting soaked.
Off at 5:00PM and time trial across town.  Afraid that I'll inconvenience everyone if I take Google's predicted time of an hour and thirty minutes, I get there in less than an hour.  I guess Google assumes I ride a beach cruiser and only pedal with one leg.

Mills had taken the time to set up my ride in a Dick-friendly manner.

Yeth, I rode a Pivot LES... again.  Yeth, it was one size too large... again.  At least Mills put a 50mm stem on it for to accommodate my lack of personal size. 780 bars had me pretty sprawled but it was a much bueno option as opposed to riding my tarck bike on the Rocky Branch trails.

Anyways, a shit ton of people showed up.  Twenty?  Thirty?  I didn't count.  I also spent zero time looking around the shop (never been before), and we were on our way to the woods.

Mang.  Rocky Branch (never been) is feature-laden.  Supposedly only 4.3 miles, Mills led us around in a way that felt like twice that.  Since I hadn't planned on riding trails that day, I had worn my wrap prescription Oakleys that cause terrible abberations in the woods.  Sketchy.  A bunch of the features and bridges were kinda terrifying.  I know they weren't as bad as they looked, but the glasses make it like I'm riding in my own personal fun house.

Despite realizing that I hadn't adjusted the reach on the brakes or put the saddle at the correct height... and the bars had me at the limits of my reach, I still can't get over how pleasant the rear end of the LES feels.  At some point, I really need to get on a small and see if I really like it or not.

Mills takes us back out for a shortened version of another lap and then we head back to Station.

Beers and meeting new people and talking to Jason from Stone Brewing to find out that he worked at my LBS back in Ohio, Frankford Bike, right about the same time I was making my exodus from the Buckeye State.  We knew a lot of the same people, just at slightly different times (and ages).

Mebbe one beer too many for me and my empty stomach, and I hop in Mills's Tacoma for a much appreciated lift home.

No regerts.

Except I'm way tired right about now.


jay said...

so glad my tireblob made the blerg.

50voltphantom said...

Glad I'm not the only who suffers from eyewear funhouse issues. No fun at all.

dicky said...

I can only wear my flat'ish lens Zenni Optical glasses on the trail.