Thursday, July 6

2/4 of the Fourth Weekend

Up not so early but feels early to meet up in North Mills... so as to avoid the droves of humanity that will be clogging up DuPont and South Mills (and the Pisgah Tavern).

All told, twenty people or more showed up for the ride.  Twenty people on a Pisgah ride.  Proper calamity ensued.

From the bottom of the fisherman's trail and over to Bear Branch...

And then a split was made twicely to our large group and we were ten (or eleven) headed up to Spencer Branch.

Not a lot of takers for the Wheelie in the Rhodo Tunnel competition.

Down Spencer...

almost all the way...

and then back up Middle, Never Ending Grassy Road of Death back to Fletcher over to lower Trace.

I took a lot of terrible photos that day of almost everyone.  I'm torn between trying to record some visuals and just having a great time riding my bike with friends.

Regardless, two almost perfect days in the mountains (no trail pizza).  So bueno.

Back to life and reality.

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Danno said...

Do they make a stealth mounted modern image capture device? could swivel.on a.servo motor every so often and just snap an image when it "sees" one....Not a go pro....More of a "gohavefun".....