Monday, July 10

I know this little out of the way place that serves great Viking food.

Day one in the Skinromper™.  DuPont with Chase and Dan and Nick and Jeff... and I'm trbl with names.

Shoulda carried my phone for pictures but didn't.  Forgot my Fonbag and wasn't sure how much moisture was gonna get at my phone with it pressed directly against my sweaty back all day.

It was an interesting day in the Skinromper.  Clammy and warm.  Then clammy and chilly.  Always tight.  Always restrictive.  Certainly a "performance" garment, but the only thing I've been really performing at lately is the consumption of digestible liquids and solids.  Highest weight I've seen since TSE and now I'm stuffing myself into a sausage casing for a bike ride, albeit a sleeveless sausage casing.  Not that they make sausage casings with sleeves.

And if they did, I'm not sure I'd wanna eat that sausage.


I was quickly reminded that I'd forgotten to swap the ENVE MTN fork Flip Chips from 52mm of offset to 44mm when I took off the Minion DHR+ 3.0 tire... which was a no bueno.  This is despite the fact that I've been thinking about it for days and had hours to do so on Saturday.  I've also gotten soft riding the Stickel with a 120mm fjork too much lately.  Gotta get back in the zone on the rigid before Breck Epic.  Derp. 

Anyways, an incredible day at DuPont riding, once again, a route I could never repeat if you paid me. 

Stoked on the Skinromper™.

Not so stoked on losing all the weight that I just gained back.

Stoked on DuPont.

Not so stoked on going to work today.

Stoked on getting used to riding the Vertigo Meatplow V.7 again ASAP.

Not so stoked on waiting to do so.

Stoked on going to the Dirt Rag Dirt Fest this Thursday to do just so.

Not so stoked on getting all my shit together over the next couple evenings.

Stoked on the Shirtless Club for Men.

Never not stoked on that.

And despite the fact that Nick and I discussed at great length the day before on an in-town ride (that just turned into drinking beers at various places) about how post-ride Mexican food is getting played out, we did it anyways.

Because... dunno.  Free tortilla chips?  What else are we gonna do?  Viking food?

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