Friday, July 28

Shirts are dumb.

I've encountered a few people that know me on my shirtless commutes both to and coming home from work recently.  The looks on their faces...

I don't get it.

I bought the Pinch Flat fanny pack for this exact purpose.

Why would I wear a shirt?  It's a bajillion degrees outside.  If I keep my shirt on while I'm headed to work, it will be soaked by the time I get there.  Also, if I don't have much to do when I get there, I'm stuck in a very air conditioned room.  Gotta keep all the printers cool or something.  I freeze my balls off tho.

Charlotte is like a convection oven on my commutes home this time of year.  Sometimes, I get home and feel woozy from just 25 minutes of effort.  It's just plain nasty.

Shirts are dumb but not as dumb as sleeves but I understand social convention and will wear them when necessary.

But when they're not?



jay said...

would you say you identify as post-shirt or ashirtual?

Glen Evans said...

hell yea!!! sometimes it's even too hot for pants!!! party on!!!

Anonymous said...

Trump says - put your shirt on or your fired!