Friday, August 11

Kingdom of Dog

My "goals" for this past week were to take it easy.  Light morning hour long commutes.  Lots of sleep.


Crazy busy week at work.  PGA Championship comes to town and I'm running tickets all over the place.   And doing my regular law firm stuff.  Perfect timing.  Whatever.

Stoked about heading out to Breckenridge tomorrow.  It always feels like coming home when we're driving into town that first day.

My bike is already making itself at home.

photo cred: Big 'n Buttery
It was threatened that my bike was about to skinny dip, perhaps with Big 'n Buttery and Good Guy Greg, but no further images were sent to me.  Dunno.

Looking forward to drop bags with beer in them and a totally new experience on familiar trails and eating something other than Pop Tarts every morning and hanging out with loads of friends and getting dropped off the back of the first start group right out of the gate every day...

Hold the phone.  What's this?

Last night, the latest update went out.  Tucked inside, this nugget:

In a nutshell, things have changed... a little.

Sun: MASS START (I'll be happily mid-packing all day long)

Mon, Tue, Wed: Starting with the fastest of the fast in group one.  Twenty minute head start on people riding my speed.  Expecting lots of "me time."

Thu, Fri: 10-person time trial starts by GC standings, which means I'll be amongst my peers time-wise.  Should be less lonely and molar fun.

So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

This will be my seventh trip out there.  As much as it hurts a little to ride above 10,000 feet (for this lowlander), I love the air up there.  Clean.  Crisp. Refreshing.  Worth it.

I am excite and vibrate.

See you later.

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Anonymous said...

Love that high altitude Colorado mountain air, breathing this sea level Southern Soup Air™ is hard on my lungs. Have fun and bring back cool stories!