Wednesday, November 1

Shitty Hand

I'm still plugging away here... behind the scenes... doing stuff that's not ready for prime time blerhg postings at the moment.  Things should be back to normal sometime around the beginning of December?


As normal as a guy riding in Wilson Creek on a rigid single speed with a guy on a Bullit with a Monster T.

So, normal.  Also, once again I see that I was wearing tiny socks still in 2007 and it looks like it must have been relatively cold outside and if I could turn back time...

I'm basically playing a waiting game right now, which is not my forte.  Impatience combined with an inability to just sit on my hands, this do-little thing doesn't suit me.  I like to feel like I'm making progress of some sort in an active manner.  |


Something something, smell the roses, carpe diem, better to burn out than fade away.

The most exciting thing that I can say is affirmatively happening with tracking numbers and everything is that a 29X2.3 Maxxis High Roller II is coming my way soon.

Off "season."  Time to try something new (to me).  It looks a little more aggressive than the Ardent 2.4, and it weighs in a slight dinkum heavier.  I was hoping for the newer 2.5 Wide Trail version, but alas, it's not available and I'm not willing to wait... which I mentioned already.

But all this might be a moo point (moo point, like a cow's opinion, it doesn't matter).  Once I get my squishy plastic bike (not if, but when), I expect to be riding it a whole lot.  My rigid single speed won't be wholly ignored, but I expect to be like a kid on Christmas morning.  Ignoring my Woody and admiring my Buzz.

But I'm still hoping in one hand and shitting in another.  A fascinating race.

The order has been placed.  I just don't know when it will get here.

Parts purging soon.


Eric McKeegan said...

Let's go smash some descents in a responsible raddad fashion this fall.

dicky said...

Yeth, let's.

AdamB said...

Glad to know you went with the 5010.

HandyMan said...

will yours be Gloss Carbon and Sriracha or Gloss Olive and Black ??

Welcome to the club!

dicky said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah things I'd rather have touching my tall socks than my lower legs:
1. Ticks
2. Poison Ivy
3. Thorns and such
4. Mud/Grime
5. Cold Weather