Friday, November 3

Not your sad dad's Bullit

My first bike from Santa Cruz was the original Bullit.

* It weighed a few hairs more than 37lbs (frame weight was over 8lbs)
* Rear travel was 152mm
* You could run a 160mm fork... but no double triple clamps (warranty voider)... and there was no single crown fork that was more than 130mm at the time.
* The rear triangle had removable canti/v-brake mounts and would only clear a 2.1
* The head tube angle was 69° (slack at the time).
* Tubes in the tires, no drooper, first gen Hayes brakes, square taper bottom bracket, two chainrings and a bashguard.

I've had other Santa Cruz bikes since then.  Three to be exact.  They're all gone too.  I still have my too-big, full-of-holes black Santa Cruz hoodie.

My next Santa Cruz?

Bells and whistles.

It's hard to believe how far things have come.  Ten pounds lighter.  Same'ish travel.  A thousand times more capable.  #blessed

I haven't bought a stock build mountain bike since... the early '90s.  Aside from a few minor changes, this one is coming outta the box and hitting the trail after I get it.  Although I do enjoy some of the aspects of "curating" the perfect bike, I think this is pretty damn close.  Pedals, saddle, breks... mebbe some pink valve stems.

The frame colorway makes me wanna do a few graphic modifications tho.

Once I get it, mebbe I'll get into the meat and potatoes of it all.   Right now, it's just a two dimensional representation on a screen that I'm staring at... and closing my eyes... and picturing me and it going down Black Mountain toegther.  Slight fantasies about "racing" on it next year... because... burrito.

Cross is coming, after all.

Consider this the end result of my third trimester of life crisis machine.

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hellbelly said...

The Brony 2.0 is a sweet rig. I would have thought with your 29er proclivities that a Hightower or Hightower LT would've been a better fit for your mid-life crisis. Then again, one of my long time 29er pals is now making time aboard a 27.5 rig and I the longest hold out on small wheels is now preaching the 29er gospel since acquiring a Wreckoning. Strange times. Party.