Monday, November 6

Yard... SAIL!

I've been dragging my feet on this for awhile...

I needed to take all the parts from two bikes (and other places) and make one bike that I'd be keeping.  I want to reduce the numbers of bike hanging on the wall, especially when one will be seeing little use once I get my plastic squishy bike.

I mostly wanted to keep a bike built with parts that would at least be great backups for my Vertigo Meatplow V.7.  Crabon frok, crabon wheels (with geared freehub body)... other things.

I've been putting it off because I knew some part of it would be a hassle.

It was.

Firstly, let me say that the local radio station that I never listen to except on Sunday mornings from 8:00AM to noon no longer does The Wiz (all '80s music) for four hours straight.  It's over at 10:00AM.  This used to be my favorite time to piddle in my bike room.  Things could get ugly, but I'd always have The Wiz... until noon... then I can drink beer to deal with problem situations.

Anyways, things went bad.

Stuck seat post.  Digital torque wrench stopped working... which meant I tightened my Paragon Machine Works titanium slider bolts without a torque wrench... which meant I broke one off in the drop out.

I realize this is a stupid spare bike.  I mean, this will be my "not in the mood to ride a tarck bike to the store" bike.  I might be in the market for a "porch bike" at some point down the road, but for now, this is the grocery getter (AKA the pile of good spare parts).

I broke at least three things in the process of building this thing, but I guess that helped me get rid of some of the excess parts.

Speaking of excess...

Industry Nine single speed wheels. Torch platform. Enduro front rim (for increased tire volume). Trail rear. Single speed specific for zero dish rear wheel. Can supply front qr end caps, 15X100, or 9mm thru axle (will include DT Swiss skewer). 142X12 rear or 135 qr.
$450 OBO. Unicorn rug not included.

Custom Misfit 29" single speed frame.  Hand made in Canada by YESS. Tapered fork compatible. Pink Niner Biocentric EBB (doesn't slip). QR 135 dropouts. Post mount rear brake. Bare aluminum.

Woodman seatpost collar and Cane Creek headset included (110 lower and Aeroset (with bearings) upper.

Scratches and stickers included. It's a great frame, but I've got too many single speeds.  Sorta between a medium and a small. Geometry posted below. Fits two bottle cages FTW.
$400 OBO

It's very painful to let it go, but I'd only be keeping it for sentimental value... which is something I don't do.  If I did, I'd still own a 1987 Suzuki Samurai.

And also...

Rock Shox Pike, was originally 150mm, bumped down to 120mm (including the original 150mm air shaft). Fork stanchions are in great shape, lowers have some scratches from use. I ran it with a 29X 2.4 Ardent as well as a 27.5X2.8 Rekon.
Non Boost, 15X100 axle. 173-174mm of steer tube (star nut still installed)


I really want to sell all that stuff locally, but if I had to, I'd ship it.  You'd need to be a patient buyer, because I'm busy doing crap.  I don't have a frame box handy and other excuses.


Kevin Collings said...

If I lived closer to NC I'd definitely grab the wheels at least.

Rob said...

So the Stickel becomes your beer-run bike? Impressive!

dicky said...

Essentially, yeth. I either need to spend money and time to build up a beer run bike or run what I brung.

I know not what else to do.

It will also make a fine mountain bike in a pinch.

Kyle said...

Interested in buying the i9 wheelset. Do you have an address I can email you at for details?

Anonymous said...

I just digitally swerved my computer vehicle off the road and parked with my door open to kick you stuff. Steer is a smidge too short. Bummer, it's a sweet deal.

dicky said...


teamdicky at hotmail dot com