Monday, December 4


I had told myself that I would:

Not let home ownership ruin my free time.

Take advantage of the fact that all I need to get some quality trail time now was a free hour or so.

Saturday morning was spent knocking out the to-do list of things that could be done without a trip to the hardware store.  Mostly cleaning out the shed (sorry not sorry, roaches) and leaf management, to include gutter cleansing.  This is a task that is not really enjoyed by one with moderate acrophobia.  So glad to find out that the gutters go entirely around the house.  At 47 years of age, twenty minutes crouched up on my honches, I feel as if I did four hundred squats... on the edge of a cliff.  I got done doing the almost all the things in time to get out on the JaBronson before 3:00PM.

Not much of a ride in terms of mileage or saddle time, but exactly what I needed and one of the reasons I moved here.  A pleasant quick escape from all things "house."  I probably only thought about the washing machine that backs up into the kitchen sink three or four times.

Sunday, I woke up prepared to pay back the trail a little bit.  Hubbs was trying to build a dream of a 20' table top he's been eyeballing forever.

photo(s) cred: Hubbs
Living right here next to the trails, I have very little excuse to make for not helping out, even if I have plans later.  A couple hours is better than none hours.

I can't say my contributions on the day were massive, but I can say they were something more than nothing.  Nick and I bailed out after a couple hours, headed towards Renni for the cyclo rossing race, picked up a some Miller High Life and fried meat tube things on the way.

I'm not sure how much grass/sand noodle bar racing we actually watched...

photo cred: Big 'n Buttery
but being prone in the grass and hanging out (and not racing) was better than racing and yard work and staring at a washing machine.

I'm not sure if I'm more wiped out from the physical efforts of the weekend or my attempts to avoid them.

But into another work week with one bag on my back and two under my eyes.


Eric F. said...


Out of curiosity, where were these pictures taken?

dicky said...

The trail work photos are from the Backyard Trails in Charlotte.