Wednesday, December 6

Needing one in the win column

Me at 7:00AM with plans to get things done:

And me at 7:00PM when it seems like nothing is going as planned:

Honestly, I'm probably staring off into space trying to solve problems in my head ten times more than I'm actually fixing things hands-on.  Not everything needs to be done right away, but I'm not very good at sitting around when something needs to be done.

Doing over sitting always.  Sit when the doings are done and then pass out in a puddle of drool.

That's my thing.

Something showed up last night to address some of my "issues."

Of course being that it's the holidays, only package one of two packages arrived which had two thirds of the bike storage racks but the two thirds that only solves half of my problems and only a quarter of those that I'm prepared to address at the moment.  Also, because I haven't fixed the door bell yet, they sat on the front porch for who knows how long whilst I was inside the house fixing much smaller things (like missing door sproingers).


Also, in the "of course it worked out that way" column, I spent the previous evening putting tiny holes in my living room ceiling looking for a joist where it should be because neither a stud finder app or a magnet found their prey.  After zilching it, I committed to crawling around in the fluffy/stabby insulation up in the attic to find the issue last night... and found the joist was unfortunately way further from the wall than expected, so my using the Topeak Dual-Touch bike stand (the one that hasn't showed up yet) exactly where I wanted to is a no bueno.  Unless I get creative mebbe... which means further staring into space later today. 

Obvs that I hit up Topeak for the racks, being an ambassador and all.  Honestly, this stuff is well thought out, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to my eye.  I did spend loads of time looking at crafty things I could build on my own, but I've got other crafts to keep me busy... like washing machine repair.  Anyways, the Solo Bike Holder is gonna hold the ByStickel Meatplow V.6 cum townie way up high and outta the way in The Pie's office/foster animal area.   I figured the Dual-Touch would crowd the tiny room a bit too much and would also provide a pee pole for young male pups looking for a tree-like object to relieve themselves on if given the chance.

Yeth, instead of daydreaming about where the '18 "season" might take me, I'm trying to find a place to hang my  bikes until I'm dead.

Kind of a big decision in my book.


Moe said...

Since you have already been up in the attic and seem to enjoy the feels of insulation, you could hop back up there and put in some 2x4s between the joist and the top cap of the wall. I've used this method before to make attachment points in the ceiling where they weren't already. Basically cut a 2x4 or two if you need more than one attachment point to fit snug between the existing joists. Screw through the existing joists or "toe nail" (with screws) if you can't access the other end with your drill. Most people call it joist blocking. Solid blocking shown in this

dicky said...

I considered this option (not my idea but Kangalangamangus's), but that's three quarters ass and I'm thinking slightly less than half ass is my jam. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in a very tight spot in the attic to be working on shit.