Tuesday, December 19

Get in my belly

The closest I ever came to working in a bike shop woulda been back in the early '90s.  A shop owner in Cortland, OH offered me a very part time position.

By "very," I mean that he wanted someone to run everything while he was on an extended vacation over the summer and then not at all when he got back.

Not too much opportunity for advancement.

Anyways, the only reason I even knew there was a shop in Cortland was that I bought a Renault Gitane cycling cap there in 1990.  We were just driving past it on the way home from the mall and decided to stop.  I was stoked because I was finally able to buy a real cycling cap.

Ahhh... growing up in the middle of nowhere.  Cows, sheep, pigs, and rural culture.

Our new neighborhood is as small as a Lego Land Playset, but I swear there are fifteen streets named Cortland.  I haven't been paying much attention tho.

Another night ride last night.  At least for now, rigid and single when the lights are being used.  Life is much better for me when I have less to think about in the dark.  That and I can run my brighter light on my head, so I can actually see where I'm going.  We had a solid crew last night, but that said, mang.  I come straight home, wolf down some food, gear up... and it feels like we're at a full sprint when we hit the woods.

Gotta figure out the solution to the not-so-fresh legs from the commute home and the full belly issue.

Eat less?

I think not.

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Rob Kristoff said...

In 1990, I had just left the employ of a bike shop in New Castle, PA, and my tiny farm town and headed off to college with the Amish where i learned about girls and forgot about bikes.