Monday, December 18

Getting the jerhb done

With the Christmas-related three day weekend coming up, I decided to do cross fit this weekend, splitting up my time with house and bike.  I'll have time to "go big" soon.

Up Saturday, leaves, gutters, brush clearing, trim back the English ivy from the giant killer trees in front yard... FUN stuff.  Then to revisit my old friend...

No place like home (not house).

Irony being that I mounted the Minion DHR+ front tire for maximum fun almost two months ago to never ride it at all and just in time to take it off and replace it with the Rekon 2.6 coming later this week (fingers crossed).

Not wanting to just keep riding the same trails that I live near every time I leave the house, I rode over towards Renni.  On the way, I saw a double track into the woods, followed it... and it petered out into nothing and I found myself scrambling through the trees and undergrowth trying to get back out on the road.  Hit Renni, see nobody at all for a long time, then run into Bubp and then Marcus Barton.

Ride back towards home, stop at Bike Source, consider a new helmet so I can use my old MTB Prevail to replace my work Prevail (that has cracks).  Remember that we're paying rent AND a mortgage right now.  Put the helmet back.  Meh.

Get home to find that momentum has shifted in the house from things to do to things that can be done.

Christmas came all over me.

Sunday.  Up and to the hardware store.  I'm there almost as frequently as I visit my itchy attic and creepy crawl space/murder room.  Metal do-dad for under the disposal that keeps the cords from pulling out and electrocuting someone.  Shelves for the laundry room so if/when we go to Costco, I won't have to shove 36 rolls of toilet paper in my sock drawers.  Pipe things to build this:

I didn't wanna mount it to the fence for multiple reasons, but laziness and cheapness won.  Sure, mud at the top of the driveway plus all over the fence.  It will add some "charm."

Less than $20 and an old pair of ESI grips.  New plugs tho, because this is technically "curb appeal."  It does the job (holds the bike with the wheels off the ground), so buenos.

I moved on to the disposal which turned into a slight nightmare for such an easy task. I got up in there, figured out I bought the wrong metal bits, decided to make them work, got it all back together... and it was no longer functioning.  Took it all apart, discovered I don't know where my electrical tape is nor my wire nuts... sigh.  Found one and not the other... get a message from Mills.

He's on his way over to ride the Backyard Trails.

Scramble mode.

Find Gorilla Tape and tubeless tape and wire nuts.  Get it all back together just in time to eat some fudge and tortilla chips and meet Mills at the side door for a ride.


The JaBronson selected, it felt at home today... in the daylight.  Dry conditions and clear vision are a great thing. 


Home, supper, head back out the door to pre-ride our route for the Faster Mustache Tour de Shed ride on the By:Stickel Meatplow V.6... making it the perfect weekend of riding all the knobby bikes thusly justifying their existence.

Get home around 10:00PM with 25-30 decent junk miles in my legs to end the evening.

Oh, and also, my son and daughter in law have decided it was time to announce this weekend that they are pregnant.

Yeth.  Grand Dick.  It's happening.


Anonymous said...

The hole pattern on the threaded bushing on the right is:
a) not level
b) not aligned with the bushing on the left

Glen Evans said...


dicky said...


When I was screwing the flanges in, I realized:

a) alignment didn't matter
b) I didn't give a shit

Charles Martin said...

I've read on the inner-web that hanging a reverb from the saddle is a no-no. Especially if not fully extended. It's worth a web search maybe. Otherwise it looks really good.

dicky said...


Yup, fully extended only so it's basically mechanically locked in the upright position and not pulling on the do-dads.

Anonymous said...

How many Asian kids will mass produce these for WalMart.