Thursday, December 28

Planning to failings

For those of yinz that are gonna wanna know if I like the Rekon 29X2.6, you're gonna have to wait.  One ride on some local trails (and even more road) isn't gonna be enough ride time to make a call.  I'm not even terribly sure how much I'll get out on it in the next couple months.  Now is the time for slow, chubby rides on the squishy bike and also the ridiculously large front tire shod single speed.  I'll probably play with it a few more times while I can, but then I want to take it back off and save it for the "season?"

Whatever that is.

I keep thinking about '18 and wondering what to do.  Bill Nye and I are planning on heading out to Sedona next Spring to visit Matt McFee AKA Mr Hermosa ToursSSUSA '18 is in Port Jervis, NY (Aug 3-5).  SSWC '18 is in Bend, OR (Oct 20th).  I don't know if I can swing all that in one year.  Those three things could eat up a lot of paid time off.  Also, I'm sure I'll head up north at some point to see what being a grandfather is like IRL.

So, very busy.  And none of that would be really considered "making great bike race."

But yeth, I'll definitely get some time on the Rekon in late March and April.  If it all pans out, I will start with the making of great'esque bike race at PMBAR with Watts as my partner since I've failed him two years in a row now..

That is getting ahead of myself tho.  January brings winter short track racing (drinking, spectating, the contemplation of mebbe racing).  Also, the annual "will I or won't I?" moments leading up to the Icycle.  This annual celebration of bikes and lights and cross country and night downhill and debauchery and ditch fighting that always leads to a seven day hangover that does not get forgotten on an annual basis.  Then there is the 12 Hours of Santos.  As always, there will be someone from Charlotte looking to make the trip, but it falls on The Pie's birthday next year.

I haven't even begun to wrap my head around another year of Trans-Sylvania Epic or mebbe the Tour de Burg again.

Seriously.  "House" and house-related stress relievers used up too many brain cells in the final quarter of '17.

Looking forward to looking forward to things...

Speaking of which,

This is not the official flyer for the Watts Fappening '18, but if I don't get around to making something better, it very well could might be.

There is no real plan, or at least anything like a plan like we've had in the past.  We're just gonna ride from my house in a northerly direction, mebbe eat something that will give us a fighting chance against the damage we're about to do to our bodies, get to a brewery on the north'ish side of town, and start drinking beer and riding south.  That's all.  A great way to kill a day and some gray matter.

Join us.

Or not.

Doesn't matter much to Watts.  He believes in nothing, as nihilists are aught to do.


AdamB said...

I am less interested in the ReeekOn than what you think of the C. Brawnson dual-pogo. Why how you never reviewed that beast?

dicky said...

I wanna have a long term opinion on it before I speak. I am enjoying it immensely.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Dick Y!!!!!