Wednesday, December 27


Since I had been waiting anxiously for the Maxxis Rekon 29X2.6 tire for so long, I was itching to get out and ride it.  Having no idea where to start pressure-wise, I went with 17 based on... information?

I run the Ardent 2.4 at @ 16.5PSI.

The Ardent is a 60 TPI tire, the Rekon (that I selected) is 120 TPI.

The Rekon came in as advertised at 780 grams, lighter than than the Ardent that comes in  @850 grams.

So 17 PSI was basically a guess.

I swear (based on fuzzy measurements taken with an old ruler from my college biology dissecting kit) that it's as true to being 2.6" as you might ever ask for, honestly.  I don't have calipers, although I coulda used some for something I was piddling with last night.

Since it was gonna be a three day weekend full of trail opportunities, I decided to do a ride from the house that visited three (okay, mebbe 2.5) trail systems.  I almost jumped in on a local urban ride with a last minute notice from Chase, but in the parking lot my worst notions were affirmed.  They were going dirt free.  So, solo roll for me.

Across town, look for the old Amay James trail that was created for and used at a couple Tour duh Charlotte races.  There was not much to be found... except for the more-than-likely human diarrhea.

Of course, I thought it was just mud on the jacket I had in the Super 8 strap on my top tube... until I wiped it off with a couple fingers and then those same fingers got too close to my face.

It was most certainly shit.  More than likely not from an animal.  Meh.

I rinsed my glove off, but then realized that the water probably just soaked the liquid turd through to my fingers.   Ackk.  Rub my gloved hand on the grass, take off the glove, rub my bare hand on the grass... think about heading home.

Upon further inspection, I see that it's also sprayed on my shorts in a couple places and my right knee warmer.  Pick up some roadside garbage, scrape it off, decide to cowboy up and finish the ride as intended... being very mindful of what I use my right hand to do the rest of the day.

Amay James had basically been taken back by nature, so I gave up pretty quick like.   Headed over to Southwest District Park, realized that 17PSI was too much, also realized that the smart thing I shoulda done but didn't was carry my pressure gauge.  Doh.

Finish up SWDP, ride over to Renni... see something on the side of the road that made riding through human feces worth it.

I mean, my only reward on this ride was going to be stopping at a brewery at some point, but being covered in excrement, I decided that wasn't going to be an option anymore.  The smiles brought about by a discarded dildo would have to be enough.

At Renni, one lap of the short track proved to me that 17PSI was never going to do.  I'm very familiar with how my bike should feel on this short loop, and this wasn't it.  Tap the presta valve a few times, do another lap, more tapping... better.  No idea what pressure it is that's better, but I just know it is.

Tell myself that after I get home and have a chance to decontaminate all the things and wash my entire body three times, I should most definitely check my pressure with a gauge.

I did the former.  Not the latter.


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Anonymous said...

Uggh. Had so similar experience with mtn lion scat (Idaho backcountry)... all over my water bottle and glove. Didn’t notice until big gulps of water out of my bottle. So gross. All over my gloves, bottle and lower legs. Srsly. Was in othe middle of nowhere tho with no other water source, spitballs. Didn’t really get sick tho, but they don’t carry Hep C etc that I’m aware of. Good times. Cheers